CLAMP in Wonderland 2

CLAMP in Wonderland

Yep! That’s right the CLAMP’s second AMV!!

/CLAMP fan-boy hat on


Magic Knight Rayearth!

*Squeals* Kobato-cha~n!!!! ^_^

Wonder if it’ll turn into an anime…

Chii~ Chii~!! Translation: Freya = WIN!

Suki: Dakara Suki

LOL! Hikaru VS. Mokona!!


That’s Duklyon in the background!

/me dies of moe~!

Sakura x2 = Instant Win!! ^_^

Kurogane + Fay = Yaoi fan-girls’ fantasy

Their journey has ended!

LOL! Ioryogi!!

There were plenty more cameos, these were the ones I recognized! ^_^’

This video was accompanied by the song “action!” by: Maaya Sakamoto, which is in “CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 & 2 Sudaika Collection <PRECIOUS SONGS>” that was released yesterday I think.

CLAMP In Wonderland
[Click For Full Size]

Maaya Sakamoto has gotten lost in the shuffle of all these artist I’ve been listening to. But I still think she’s great!! Because of this song, I think she’s going to be resurrected from the dark depths of my Hard Drive!! The song itself is very good, but I liked the ED song more, “Oh! Yeah!” by: ROUND TABLE featuring Nino. I don’t know what it is about Nino’s suffocated nasal sounding voice that I find hard to resist! {I guess that wasn’t the best way to describe her voice… -_-‘ }

As for the other two tracks, they were the songs for the first CLAMP in Wonderland. The OP “Anata dake no WONDERLAND” by: Hirotani and the ED “‘Anata’ ga ‘Shiawase’ de Aru youni” by: Hirotani Junko, both didn’t really leave an impression on me. They’re both nice songs, but not as impacting as the first two.

Eh! Oh crap I still have the CLAMP fan-boy hat on!!

/CLAMP fan-boy hat off


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