Saimoe 2007 Finals -Round 2-

Follow up to Saimoe 2007 Final Matchups

Since Tsukasa lost, I have nothing to get really excited about…but here are the contenders that are left. Two killer lolis, an ojou-sama, and a doll. Out of all four, I guess I’ll go with Furude Rika, her “Nippa~!” still gets me! ^_^

Round 1: October 31, 2007

Ryuugu Rena VS. Sanzenin Nagi

Yandere or tsundere? Rena only as the loli quality on her, but Nagi as both the loli and the tsundere quality!! My sweet spot for tsundere wins after all!!

Rena V Nagi



Round 2: November 1, 2007

Furude Rika VS. Shinku

Nippa~! ^_^ Seeing as my favorite doll was Suisei Seki, I didn’t really pay much attention to the other dolls {other than Suigintou} during my run trough Rozen Maiden. So Rika, GO FTW!!

Rika V Shinku

 WINNER: RIKA!! Nippa~!


What if both Higurashi girls make it?


Final Round: November 11, 2007

Sanzenin Negi VS. Furude Rika

One thought on “Saimoe 2007 Finals -Round 2-

  1. Geez, I totally hate Rena now, after she beat Kagami…and beat the champ in Hinagiku’s block, Nanoha. Still wondering how Hinagiku lost to Runa.

    Anyway, seeing my madness for tsundere, I’d kill, for Nagi to win, but things don’t look good for her since I see mass Rena Fan Clubs. So winner for round 1, would probably be Rena.

    As for round 2, I would love Rika to win, and Rika’s got a good chance over here, if the lolicons outnumber the doll-otakus.

    Hopefully, either Rika or Nagi wins this eventually. >_>

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