Lucky Star Licensed?

From Vol. 4 of the R1 DVD, which I don’t have. I saw it on YouTube and decided to share.

I don’t think this will do as well as Suzumiya did. It’s for the hardcore anime fan, and I don’t think your average American anime fan will even understand most of the jokes. I think they’re tricking people into getting excited about Lucky Star because the ones watching Suzumiya Haruhi will think it might be kinda the same. And don’t even get me started on what the DUB will sound like, or how the seiyuu jokes will work. {EX: Konata watching Hirano Aya live in the Gekisou concert that ACTUALLY happened!} But it’s still good that they are licensing more anime and all, with Geneon USA going under, things aren’t looking good for the anime industry in the US.

I could already hear the fans crying in pain just thinking about Lucky Star with English DUBS. -_-

2 thoughts on “Lucky Star Licensed?

  1. I agree that most casual fans won’t get it. Lucky Star does have enough “general” humor to make it enjoyable; however, like I’ve said many times, those casual fans won’t be able to fully appreciate it (to some extent) like you or me. Lucky Star was intelligent, but also quite exclusive.

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