Kitty Cat’s Day

Is what Episode 5 of Sketchbook ~full color’S~ was about!!! ^_^

“But why would you do a post just to tell us that?”
Whoa, whoa…let me finish!! It’s not about the episode itself, its about who voiced Mike and Haa-san!

Maybe some of you know already, but I recently just started looking at seiyuus and what roles they have played. Every time I guess someone’s voice, I get this sense of achievement. And in this episode, I guessed two in a row!! ^_^


Mike was voiced by the same seiyuu who pierced my hearing with her high pitched voice {which I haven’t been compensated for} when I watched episode 1 of Myself;Yourself! >_< The culprit is Tomoko Kaneda. Because of Aoi’s voice, I was expecting more bleeding from my ears, but that didn’t happened. It was the same voice, but it wasn’t as high pitched as Aoi’s. Maybe because she is full filling #3 in deftoned’s request of what she should voice!!! ^_^


Now this surprised me the most! Who would have guessed our little tsundere Sergeant Major Eika Ichijo would be a kawaii little cat? ^_^ When I think Shizuka Ito, I think of Whilhemina (Shakugan no Shana), Tamaki (ToHeart2), or Rei (Maria-sama ga Miteru)!! I’m pretty sure she has done others, but these 3 are what I think of. And when I was thinking about them as she spoke, I couldn’t help but just laugh. But I though more of Eika and how weird it was to have the tough Sargent Major being a cute little kitty~! ^_^

And while I’m on the seiyuu subject, I have this image of Ryou Hirohashi of being a dead-pan person. I blame Alice Carrol (ARIA the ANIMATION) and just recently Tama-chan (Bamboo Blade) for that image. Well, as I looked at her other roles, that image completely shattered as I found out she voices that wacky teacher Hiyori Kasugano, from Sketchbook:

Kasugano Sensei
She REALLY loves chickens!! Is that why she’s ‘cuckoo’? ^_^’

And my favorite Clannad girl, Kyou Fujibayashi:

Kyou’s evil stare! Jiiiii~

That was a complete surprised!! ^_^ I even yelled out “WHOA! For real? Holy sh!t!!” Well, that ends this what seemed to be a useless post… -_- Time to unzip and listen to Kawada’s Mami new single!! ^_^

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