Minami-ke Title Screen

This is quickly becoming my favorite anime of this season!! I anticipate it’s new releases a lot more than Clannad! *le gasp* O_O Yes, it’s shocking!! But there’s plenty of good reasons.

First, it’s its characters. We have the three lovely Minami sisters. Haruka, the bishoujo onee-san who is the tamest of the three. We have Kana, the crazy wild girl who I think was dropped on her head too many times too count when she was a child. Seriously, there should at least be a little bit of common sense left! But then again, Chiaki wouldn’t really have a role if Kana wasn’t like that. ^_^’ Chiaki is the perfect character to counter Kana’s wild nature. Her smart (innocent?) brain can make even a love confession into a battle to determine the next Banchou (gang leader)!!! {But right now, we don’t know is Chiaki did that on purpose or if she really believes it was a challenge letter.} Her dead-pan Chihara Minori voice adds the extra punch it need to reach the ‘hilarous’ level.

We then get some side characters to add to the mix. The Banchou, real name Fujioka, is no gang leader at all. He’s actually the popular soccer player that all girls admire…well except for Kana!! I think his unrequited love will be one of the funniest running gags this anime will have! Kinda feel sorry for him! -_- Then we get the genius girl who always gets 100% on tests and sits right next to Kana, Keiko – a meganeko, suddenly you’re paying attention eh? She’s also pretty cute, but she always seems to have this melancholic look on her face…maybe it’s me. And finally, we have this other pretty girl who deserves her own screen cap:

Love that sexy beauty mark right next to her lips! ♥_♥

Riko is her name. She just appeared in episode four {we get a glimpse in episode 3} and there really isn’t much to say about her. But she seems to be Kana’s love rival. Don’t know if I can really say that because Kana doesn’t really seem interested in Banchou. But for now, I’ll name her Kana’s rival!! ^_^ She also likes to grab Keiko’s skirt to stop her from walking away! ^_^

Another thing to love about Minami-ke is the art style and it’s wonderfully made animations. Is it just me, or do slice-of-life anime like this have the best productions than any other? Think Kamichu! and Ichigo Mashimaro. Those were also great looking and each had their own different art style and the production value was high. Minami-ke is also like that, just take a look at Riko up there!! ^_^ And that Hershey kiss shaped mouth is a defining part of its art-style. {There are variations, like being smaller or taller, sometimes both, and sometimes the edges are sharper looking like, a triangle.}

And finally another thing I like is, the defining feature of this anime, its comedy. Even a simple explanation of what a kiss is can turn into a lolicon and a yuri lover’s dream. {Kana chased Chiaki ‘showing’ her what a kiss is.} Or a single phrase can mean many things depending on tone of voice. And Chiaki’s dead-pan voice saying “Will you do anything funny?” instantly turns anyone into a suspected loli-raper!!

Minami ke
Chiaki’s innocence is moe~♥ ^_^

More importantly, that kid knows what ‘that’ phrase means? o_O

And who can’t laugh at banchou’s misfortune and running gag? You can’t help but love Minami-ke. Even the OP and ED are worth a mention. The OP is a lot more upbeat than the ED and, but I think the ED is a lot better. They’re both sung by the Minami sisters Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki —Rina Satou, Marina Inoue, & Minori Chihara respectively.

We’ll see if Minami-ke keeps up with it’s comedy and high production value. I don’t want to see this series die and turn to crap. But for now, it’s quickly reaching my favorites list for this season!! Watch it, laugh, and recommend it to your friends!! ^_^

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