Anime of Spring 2007 -Part 2-

Continuation of Part 1


I went into this anime expecting this:

Sadly, it was about mechs and girls who have the hots for them. -_-

But rejoice!! It is a very good anime!! There was plenty of story, characters, and drama!! Not a lot of action though, something you’ll expect of mecha. It was mostly focused on the characters and the interaction between other characters and their mechs, which I still think look like crap. I don’t really like mechs, and the mechs designs of this anime isn’t helping. They look just too weird and odd. I guess the pretty looking Gundams have poisoned my brain and set what mechs should look like, but I still haven’t seen a full season of a Gundam series. -_-

Well, you don’t need lots of action for an anime to be enjoyable. Just put enough story and plot twists and you got yourself a pretty decent anime. And Sunrise is good at giving you plot twist…and plot holes. Even early on, they almost killed of the main character, Haruka, by dropping her and her mech from the stratosphere!! O_O I wondered how they’ll top that exciting moment. To top that off, they made Yukiho go all emo and evil and have her return to Chihaya! The same thing can be said about Makoto, she went evil and join Turiavita. Complete Drama!! ^_^

The only thing that bothered me was the GirlxMecha relationship. Sometimes, it was just plain awkward. Like when Haruka took Imber out somewhere deserted and unzipped her shirt, showing her bikini. She wanted it/him to be the first to see it. And Chihaya is also obsessed with the Imber, so much that she wants to join with it and ‘become one’…Creepy.

But that wasn’t enough to turn me away from this pretty good anime! ^_^


Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

I’ve only seen 3 episodes of this anime…the only ones that were subbed. -_- It could be the good harem anime of the Spring season, but I will never know…unless Anime-RG finishes subbing it…


Nagasarete Airantou

What’s better than having a class full of girls and you’re the male teacher they all like? What do you mean ‘nothing’? How about being in an island full of (desperate) girls and you’re the ONLY {human} MALE? Wipe that blood from your nose…

That’s basically what Nagasarete Airantou is all about. Ikuto ran away from home and got stranded in an island no one can escpae from and is full of girls who haven’t seen a male in a long time after a storm sunk the cruise ship he was on. But Ikuto isn’t your average anime male, he’s not a pervert, he’s not lazy, he’s not mean, he’s not delusional, and he’s not conceited, actually I proclaim him to be the chivalrous male of the season. Where your average anime male would go on a F**k fest with these girls, Ikuto tries, countless time, to escape the island and go home. When he realizes he can’t, he talks with the village leader and is told to stay with Suzu, who lives alone. And the rest is about their daily life and crazy antics the other characters bring.

With a decent cast of seyuu and nicely done animations, this anime was one of my favorites of the Spring season. It might not have been as funny as Seto no Hanayome, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I didn’t get tired of Ikuto’s nosebleeds, or Suzu’s constant request of having him join her for a bath, nor the crazyness of the other characters. Although there were A LOT of pretty girls on this anime, I can’t get Chikage out of my mind. I absolutely don’t know why I’m reminded of Chikage when I read/hear “Nagasarete Airantou”. -_- The meganeko with that really tight skirt has captured me! She’s not even my favorite character…it’s the satanic Machi by the way! ^_^



The greatest love story of all time gets some tweaks and made into an anime. A fairly good one!! I don’t need to tell you what Romeo & Juliet is about, and I don’t need to tell you what Romeo X Juliet is about, you should know by now. If not, you’ll learn about it at school! ^_^

Well, I haven’t finished this anime yet, but from what I’ve seen, I like this very much. Turning around the world of Romeo & Juliet and turning it into some fantasy world with flying pegasus…or is it pegasi?…kinda made me skeptical at first. But join it together with a revamped story, it definately works!

Right now though, its getting kinda boring. Romeo is working in some mind and Juliet is off in some other town planning her next move. But I know that it will definitely get better in the upcoming episodes!! The series as finished, the subs just need to be released. -_- Maybe I should look at the raws…

By the way, the OP is awesome, it made my Top 10 very quickly!! ^_^


Darker than BLACK

This started off REAAAALLLY slow, plus it was episodic. Each ‘story’ was two episodes long. And it didn’t touch the main character’s story until they showed Yin’s past, only to go into other contractor’s story again. Good thing that this anime had an interesting concept with really great character designs, otherwise I would’ve dropped it.



One of the best of the Spring season in my opinion, and the best looking one of all!! The first two episode will suck you in, but after that, it depends on what you look for in anime that will determine if you’ll continue watching it. After the fight at the end of Episode 1 and beginning of Episdoe 2, the story decides to go easy and walks slowly. Instead of going off and showing more of the ‘Yaka’ and how they came to be and what not, it goes off and prefers to show Matsuri, Aono, Yorito, and even Mana’s relationship to each other. It may turn most of the people away, but if you’re looking for a great story, sola will satisfy.

It gets really interesting toward the last few episodes. Not only do you get a climatic battle between Matsuri and Aono, that feels like a reward for watching it all the way, but you get a story that will flip upside down in a second. And it’s the second you know Yorito’s true identity!! Ooooo~! Enticing isn’t it!! Go watch it if you haven’t!!

EXTRA NOTE: Koyori is just too damn cute~~♥!! ^_^ If you can distinguish between formal and informal Japanese speech, you’ll know why!!


Shining Tears X Wind

Anime based on RPG games haven’t really been that great. It’s like Movies based on video-games…complete junk. And this anime was based on a hybrid of TWO games, Shining Tears and Shining Wind. The story was really fast paced and felt really rushed, well they had to cram all of it into 13 episodes, I think 26 would at least been decent enough to flesh out the story to it completeness. Plus, most of the battles were really short and felt cheesy. The “You must fight your friends because you’re right and they’re wrong” scene early on felt like their ideas/views/opinion were tacked on. They didn’t even questioned the war, that is until the girls realized it was wrong.

But why did I watch it? Other than having nothing else to do, and I downloaded the batch -_-‘ , the characters were really good looking! ^_^ Kureha~♥ And there were some good seiyuus, Mizuki Nana (Kanon Seena), Horie Yui (Touka Kureha~♥), Chiwa Saito (Mao {Neko-mimi FTW!!}), and Kawasumi Ayako (Blanc Niege).


Lovely Complex

This is the only shoujo anime that I actually finished. It was a really funny anime that made me laugh even on emotional scenes, they somehow managed to add some comedy to the seriousness of a scene!! One of the highlights of the comedy was the way the various face expressions that Risa made were executed. She could be complete happy one moment, and melancholic the next, all with just one word! But there is a face expression that I will NEVER forget…Otani’s when he figured out Seiko true identity!! I’m pretty sure I had a shocked face like his because I actually said a few compliments about Seiko…but at least it wasn’t as strong as Otani’s shock, ’cause he was kissed by ‘her’. ^_^ *Damn trap… -_-‘*

I really got to admire Risa’s determination and strength. Not only did she had to try her hardest to get Otani to notice her, she also had to endure countless heartbreaks. I sometimes wondered how many more it would take to completely break Risa apart, it turns out there is no number. She continued trying to get Otani even after a break up!!! It really was a good love story {with perfectly timed comedy} that should be watched.


Next {and probably final} Part will include:

Lucky Star
Kaze no Stigma
Kaibutsu Oujo
Dennou Coil
Murder Princess
Doujin Work
Nanatsuiro Drops

2 thoughts on “Anime of Spring 2007 -Part 2-

  1. Part 3 has most of the stuff I didn’t watch. :P I didn’t get past the eyecatch in Shining Tears X Wind. Despite the cast, I just couldn’t sit through it.

    I’m majorly falling behind on my watching. There are probably half a dozen series that I need to watch from the past spring and summer before 2007 closes up. And I’m pretty behind on all but 4 series this season. I blame it on life. Cursed real life!!

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