Myself;Yourself -Speculation-


Ever since the last scene of episode 1, I got this weird vibe that something happened to Sana or his family. The phone call with his mother is always awkward, and that make me believe even more that something happened…something that would make Sana move away and go back to Sakuranomori.

The following text are just what I THINK happened, it’s too early in the story to know the truth, so don’t take it literary:

Episode 3 further raised my speculation and took it a step further by making me believe that blood was involved:

Myself;Yourself 01

Myself;Yourself 02

Why did he make that face when he saw blood? Speculation: Maybe he either stabbed somebody or he saw someone stab someone important to him and traumatized him. Or it could be that he has a fear of blood.

Bu~t, he makes the same face when someone asks him about his watch and why he swam with it.

Myself;Yourself 03

Myself;Yourself 04

Why is the watch so bulky? And why didn’t he take it off when he swam? Speculation: Maybe he attempted suicide and cut his wrist…and that bulky watch is to hide the scar(s).

I’m either thinking WAY TOO much into this, or I’m hitting the nail on the head. Only time will tell.


Let’s leave on a happier note shall we?

Myself;Yourself 05
Aoi-chan fulfilling her role in the anime!! ^_^

She’s A LOT cuter when quiet!! ^_^’

Myself;Yourself 07
Asami Hoshino = Love~♥

Is it weird if I’m more attracted to her hair? -_-

Myself;Yourself 09
:Moe Overload:

4 thoughts on “Myself;Yourself -Speculation-

  1. Ahah! I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only one who was picking up the suicide vibes from that episode!

    But you’d think that if he’d attempted suicide his mother wouldn’t have let him leave. Or maybe it was just what was for the best.

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  3. maybe hes on to some disease that his mother need to check him..

    maybe a suicide but ..why would he do that?

    ill gonna find out. :)

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