I’m in love with Xenosaga again! ^_^

Ever since I played “Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht”, I have fallen in love with the series. I loved it so much I re-played that game to death!! I’ve never re-played a game so much.

What I loved about Xenosaga was the cinematics, difficulty, KOS-MOS ^_^’, anime art style, and story! The cinematics were amazing and really LONG, sometimes I felt I was watching an episode or something. That wasn’t bad at all, it was actually rewarding and felt like you were playing a movie and not a game…or was it just me? -_-

From what I remember, Episode I was HARD!! This was not an RPG for the faint hearted! Strategy and well planned Techs/Boost could’ve meant life or death. And just to make things harder and more frustrating, monsters could boost ON TOP OF YOUR CHARACTER’S BOOST often killing one of them!! >_< Difficulty level went up when I learned that…but it’s nothing a few level ups can’t cure! With your extra levels you felt confident as you took down monster after monster and you knew you could take on anyone, then that boss came and totaly PWNED your ass!! That was great, I love challenges, and I felt awesome when I took down that boss that killed me over 5x in a row! And as a reward for the hard battle, we got a cut scene and more story.

I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t played the game. But I can say that the story really sucked me in, it was so awesome that it settled my love for Xenosaga. And I was sure I was going to enjoy the two next episodes…but then I played Episode II…

Xenosaga Episode II

“Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose” disappointed me. Here I was, totally excited to play the new episode, excited to see what’s going to happen, excited about the gameplay, and excited for the new look…and {mostly} all of those were crushed down to Earth. This game was inferior to Episode I. It wasn’t so much the game play or new look, those were Okay, it was the story and its progression.

Episode I sucked me in in knowing what the Gnosis are, how they came to be, who Nephilim is, KOS-MOS’ blue eyes, Shion’s role, and what the cloaked figures’ plan is…NOTHING was answered in Episode II. It mostly focused on a part of the story, looking for the Zohar, and on the story of Rubedo (Jr.), Negredo (Gaignun), and Albedo. It kinda felt like the Gnosis got booted out and set aside to focus on the three U.R.T.V brothers. And it was boring, so much that I wasn’t as motivated as in Episode I to continue playing and finish the game.

Also, things that I came to love in the first game were now gone. The individual Techs that each character learned were gone and replaced by a skill menu of sorts. With the removal of the Techs and addition of this skill menu, all the characters were kinda the same and no one felt unique. So most of them were in the side lines and only my favorites character were {usually} in the front lines. {KOS-MOS, Shion, and Ziggy}


Another thing that was gone that I enjoyed a lot, but not really necessary for gameplay, was the ‘dictionary’. It was like an archive where you can look up terms, character information, and even a bit of backstory. When someone said a weird term or something, I would look it up and hopefully find it there.

With some of these things gone, I wasn’t motivated to play the game too often, in fact, I stopped playing the game all together. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I decided to finish it off once and for all, besides I had already bought Episode III and I wanted to play it, and I WA NOT going to play it without knowing what happened in Episode II. So I started Episode II ALL OVER again and this time finished it…It wasn’t all bad though, I actually kinda liked the new battle system and new models.

The only thing I didn’t like about the battle system was the Break thing. It’s where you had to find the monster’s break point to do a lot more damage. It felt like you were forced to find it because attacks did almost to no significant damage. It was impossible to beat a boss without breaking him/her and combo-ing the hell out of it and doing as much as damage as possible. Though, you needed a lot of stocks and boost to do a kick ass 10+ combo or something…and luck! ^_^

I liked everyone’s new looked {except KOS-MOS’}, they looked more mature and stronger. And Shion never looked hotter before! ^_^

♥ Green Eyes + Light Brown Hair = WIN! ♥

Though I kinda miss the anime look…and KOS-MOS looks like she was downgraded, but it’s actually an upgrade. -_-

KOS-MOS Version 2
Still bad-ass though!! ^_^

Anyway, yesterday I finally finished Episode II…after a lot more procrastinating. I wanted to do the extra dungeons and what not, but I wasn’t inspired to play again…so I started Episode III.

I only played for four hours today, and those four hours brought back the love for Xenosaga that I lost during Episode II!! So much that after playing those four hours, I got on the computer and starting blogging about it! ^_^’

Episode III so far has the best things form Episode I & II. The individual Techs are back, the dictionary is back {known as “Database”}, the combat system {from Episode I} is back [with modifications], character models seems to be merged, and the best thing of all, the story about the Gnosis, Shion’s role, KOS-MOS’ blue eyes, Nephilim, chaos, and the cloaked men {known as Testaments} are back and playing a MAJOR role!! YAY!!!!! /me is very excited! ^_^

See Episode II? All it took for Episode III to bring back my love was to have the things I loved in the first place…shame on you Episode II, you might have been loved if you had some of those things…maybe.


KOS-MOS Version 3
/me is in love~♥ …with a robot…

Can’t wait to see KOS-MOS Version 4, I already drew a KOS-MOS Version 4 in 2006 and now I will see her in action!!

O_O? Wow! I didn’t expect to write this much…I guess I got carried aways. -_-

Internet Cookie if you read ALL OF IT! ^_^

5 thoughts on “I’m in love with Xenosaga again! ^_^

  1. Episode 3 is on my list of PS2 RPGs I still need to buy. :( That list is somewhat long unfortunately… damn niche RPGs that stay $39.99 or $49.99. I know ep 3 is pretty cheap now, but it was never high on my list.

    I adore Xenogears though.

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  3. I agree, I loved Episode I,
    I played it from start to finish 2 times.

    I was also really excited to get Episode II,
    and I was also disappointed.

    I have yet to buy Episode III,
    But knowing that they brought back the tech attacks is great.

  4. I must be one of the few people who actually liked Episode 2. Sure the battle system was a bit tedious (it would take forever to kill a monster) but I really adored the story of Jr and Albedo. A thing that I wasn’t to fond of though, was the character designs. In my opinion, the U.R.T.Vs (Jr, Nigredo, Albedo) and Chaos looked great, however, I thought everyone looked worse than their Episode 1 counterparts with the exception of Ziggy who seems to never change throughout the games.

    Although not an important feature of the game, the music was great! Yuki Kajiura does a phenomenal job of setting the tone throughout the entire game. If you really enjoyed the music from this installment of Xenosaga, you should check out the soundtrack for the third game.

    My main disappointment with Episode 2 was the lack of Gnosis presence. I completely agree with the author on this one. When playing the first episode, the Gnosis appear as your archenemy who’s hell-bent on the destruction of the human race. They have freakish space ships, can reduce humans to pillars of salt, and they are immune to normal weapons fire. Here is an example of what I mean (WATCH AT YOUR OWN PERIL, CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPMIARCFPMQ
    Naturally, you learn to “fear” these insectoid looking creatures. However in Episode 2, these monsters are fought only a handful of times. They no longer seem to be the direct threat to the human race, but rather an annoyance. As well as playing a minor role in the game, the designs are laughable. Where in the first game they were these hulking monstrosities, in Episode 2 they seem to be these ridiculous clownish demons. This art flaw was remedied in Episode 3 where they bring back all of the old designs.

    Argh…I just went on a nice school essay procrastination rant. Maybe later I’ll add some more about the other Episodes.

  5. @Rasfuten: The U.R.T.V story was indeed engaging, but I felt the Gnosis side of the story could have also been part of Episode II, if only to keep people who loved the Gnosis part of the story [like me] interested in the game.

    And yes, the music was outstanding. One of my favorites scenes was that scene you linked and the following scene, where KOS-MOS awakens. You have this BGM that excites your emotions as the Gnosis attack and then it fade into a more eerie and suspenseful BGM as KOS-MOS awakens. Creating an intense atmosphere!

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