What’s ‘PV’ anyways? I’m guessing it’s for “Promotional Video” or something? O_o?

Let’s get to it!! Go to your sources and get your grubby hand on it!



+15 Cool Points!

Hirano Aya never looked hotter! ~♥

What’s with their fascination of cats? /me Have no complains. ^_^

LOL @ the nose picking!

Girl who can play guitar = WIN!! ^_^

I can watch this scene over and over!! “Hey~♪! Hey~♪! Hey~♪!” ^_^’

Pretty smile aside…she has the same beauty mark as Konata! ^_^


*Le Gasp!* “OH NO!” O_O

“Noooooooooooooooo~!!! Me Fish!”


I’m not really a fan of “PVs”, I don’t really watch them and I only like a few of them {most of them are YUI‘s}. I gave this a try because of Hirano Aya’s ‘new image’. I wanted to see if it will still be the same playful and lovable Hirano Aya or if we’ll see a new ‘rocker’ Hirano Aya. I was not disappointed, I’m glad I watched it, its really fun!!! She still has her fun side that I liked in the first place, but now there is a touch of rock into her!!

Now to see how her next two singles turn out!

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