Otoko no Rarabai – Shiraishi Minoru


“What the hell 53RG10?!!??!!” >_< “Really?”

I was going to skip on this, you know being Shiraishi Minoru and all, he’s crazy weirdo, but I heard some positive things over on LosslessOne IRC channel and decided to give it a try.

Just like the first Lucky Star ED album, the first songs are direct copies from the TV size, with background noise and all. But it’s not as funny without the action that went onscreen. So I skipped it all and went to the full size songs to listen to it’s stupidity.

Boy was I wrong!!! >_<

The four full songs were actually done profesionally! “Ore no Wasuremono -Kanzenban-” , “Shikaidaa no Uta -Kanzenban-“, “Kaorin no Theme -Kanzenban-, and “Koi no Minoru Densetsu -Kanzenban-“. If you noticed, they all have ‘-Kanzenban-‘ ^_^

“Ore no Wasuremone -Kanzenban-” was made famous in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. He said it after Nagato’s battle with Ryoko, when he walked in he was saying this lyrics, and when he saw Nagato and Kyon, he ran of thinking it was some love thing. I don’t know how it became famous, I seen people use it a lot in message boards and forums…weirdos.

“Shikaidaa no Uta -Kanzenban-” is what you’ll likely find in some sentai {power ranger} type of show.

“Kaorin no Theme -Kanzenban-” sounds like a love song, and it seems it’s dedicated to Fukuhara Kaori {Tsukasa}. O_o ? Well, she was in most of the ED sequences, maybe they’re in some relationship. *Shivers* I felt something cold run up my spine… -_-‘

“Koi no Minoru Densetsu -Kanzenban-” is his modified version of “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu”. He modified that cutsey and intentionally bad song to some death metal, and oddly tolerable, song.

I don’t know if I should recommend this or not, but I won’t delete this as I will listen to the full songs once in a while. I need more male singers on my library. -_-

I found it funny that everything was plain white and black. Either it was because of the “shiro” {white} part of Shiraishi or because they didn’t want to waste money on color in case the album sucked!! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Otoko no Rarabai – Shiraishi Minoru

  1. y’know, that Shiraishi guy tend to have the same aura or confidence as HG Razor Ramon…
    it kinda inspires me though i feel a bit embarassed to admit it…..

  2. “Wa-wa-wa-wasuremono” usage became popular after this video – http://youtube.com/watch?v=jGHM9XThypE (or so I was told). This one’s quality is poor, but it’s ok to get the idea =)

    Also, “Koi no Minoru Denetsu” is just classic/power metal, not the death metal (listen to Death Note 2nd OP & ED for an example of death metal =) )

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