First anime of the Fall ’07 Season Pt. 2

Yeah, that’s right! More “episode 1 impressions.”

Dancing Queen and deftoned, you will feel some ‘Deja vu.’ Don’t go crazy on me, I directly copied what I said in the group(s)! ^_^’

Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade I think will be one series I’ll really like. I like anything that has to do with swords, even if it’s just bamboo Kendo swords. Besides, that Tamaki {the one with the sword} girl is interesting. She’s quiet and doesn’t really show emotions, {best way I can describe her is like Alice-chan from ARIA} and she’s awesome with the sword.

Just getting a glance of her smiling {in the preview} was moe~♥ ^_^

Dragonaut -The Resonance-


Dragonaut -The Resonance- will still need a few episodes to really hook me. But I want to know what was that huge thing and why that girl {Toa?} keeps on saving Jin. He doesn’t seem special…and I think they got too friendly too early! ^_^’



A slice of life anime with some horror…no that’s not it…fantasy?…kinda, but no…suspense?…yeah, that’s it! A slice of life anime with suspense! That is a combination that I haven’t seen, most of them are slice of life with drama or comedy. The animation isn’t all there, but the story seems interesting. From what I can understand, the sisters {Shizuru and Mizuki} can see monsters that other people can’t see, and Mizuki oddly attracts them…I think. I Need subs.

ef -a tale of memories-


Is this two stories in one? If it is, its a nice and unique approach. In the first half, we’re in some town in winter, in the other half, we’re in another town in what seems to be the fall. Both have a guy meeting a girl, one girl is outgoing and the other shy {and has an eyepatch}. {I don’t know, but a girl with an eye patch that doesn’t appeal to me. Even if she’s cute and moe inducing!} -_-

The animation here is fantastic, they made the characters pretty!! ^_^ I will even say it rivals ‘sola’, which I proclaimed to be the most beautiful looking anime of the Spring season! Or ever for that matter! I just had a little problem with the eyes, they were too long for the girls, and the pupil looked…odd.

For the OP, I thought they would use the song on the official website and not an instrumental {which was soothing by the way}. And the ED didn’t leave an impression, but I do remember the style the characters where drawn while the credits rolled up, it was pretty good.

Blue Drop

Blue Drop

Hmmm…what can I say. There’s nothing that really stands out besides the story. And I said I wasn’t going to touch on it. I’m curious to see what that thing was at the end was…a spaceship? And why that one girl {the one with black hair up there} went all blue eyed crazy and started choking Mari when she touched her hand.

The animation was OK and the characters where kinda bland, except that bishojo sensei!! She has a lot of personality!! ^_^

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam 00

Okay, I decided this will be my FIRST Gundam experience. So kill me if you want when, or if, I say that this anime is awesome. When/if I say it, it won’t hold much ground because I can’t compare it to other Gundam series. Right now, I don’t know which way it’ll go. The animation is OK and the Gundams look good, compared to other mechas that I’ve seen in action. But I was confused at what was going on…even with the subs. Fast paced stories confused me…nothing that a re-watch can’t cure!! ^_^

Not anime but I’ll include it: Kawaii! JeNny

Kawaii! JeNny

I should really do my research before downloading something new. I saw this {subbed} on Tokyo Tosho and said: “F@&K it, let’s just see what it is.” THIS And THIS is what I got. -_- Yes, it’s a mahou shoujo with dolls…moving dolls.

Jenny is to Japan as what Barbie is to U.S. I guess this show was done to promote Jenny! I won’t lie, this was pretty entertaining. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the cheesiness and {what I think was} a Charlie’s Angel reference.

I’m not really creeped out by this as I think I should be. I always say that moving dolls creep me out and scare me…I guess I’ve gotten use to it thanks to random cr@p that air late at night like “Robot Chicken” and “Moral Oral”, which I only see when my brother has the control remote!! >_<

Redeeming quality is that Momoi Haruko sings the OP/ED and voices Sister B! She’s on the bad side now!! ^_^ And her henchmen are those three teddy bears!!

I seriously don’t know why I watched it to the end…-_- Dropped.

4 thoughts on “First anime of the Fall ’07 Season Pt. 2

  1. Actually I don’t like romance so much… but it’s all the same: boy meets girl, they fall in love, and then save the world together (yeah, even though I don’t like romance, I’ve seen soo many series like that ^^’ ). Anyway, I’ll see Dragonaut too :D

    Thanks for the answer!

  2. I’m behind on pretty much everything. I will say that I did enjoy Minami-ke (raw) and Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (subbed) though. Minami-ke was like a series made just for me. I need subs though before I make any final judgments.

    I’ll probably do 1 big “first impressions” post later this week or next week because I need subs for most of the shows. Also, I’ve been pretty busy with other stuff lately and haven’t gotten to most of the new shows (or even final episodes from last season) yet.

    Mokke has been subbed btw. :)

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