The PSP gets 10 more cool points.

My PSP never got enough love like other systems. Why? Plainly put, because it sucks. For such and expensive piece of hardware, it usually stayed somewhere in a corner gathering dust. At one time I used it for music, but it was too big {not really achieving the “Portable” part of its name ^_^} and the iPOD took care of music anyways. Then I tried using it for video, but by the time a video is converted to the ‘required’ format, I could’ve already watched that video. So I stopped that. The only thing left was to use it for games…and well…there weren’t really that much games that I play on the PSP. The ones that I did played, I’m already done with them. So it’s back in its corner.

And now, I found out that with the 3.71 update you can MAKE your own custom themes!! And I love customizing stuff!! “But 53RG10, you could do that with Homebrew” Yeah, but I don’t want to have the risk of killing this expensive paperweight, and I already cracked the screen. {I swung it around by the strap and it hit the side of the bed. -_-‘}

The Sony Japanese website had the application so you could make your themes and a PDF file with intructions {in Japanese of course!}. But luckily, when I went to download the application, I learned that someone {zmcnulty of} already translated the PDF file!!

I uploaded the ZIP file the application and the translated PDF file to my fileden account if anyone wants to give it a try.

I will be giving this a try, I’ll be busy making my own icons. ^_^

3 thoughts on “The PSP gets 10 more cool points.

  1. Friend of mine said he’d buy my PSP off of me for $140 or $150. Trade-in value is like a ridiculous $60-70, so because he was planning on buying a PSP next month anyways, I said I’d sell mine. I’ve had it since late June and it looks brand new still because I rarely play it (I think my Sega Saturn sees more usage). So to get him a (basically) brand new PSP and me getting double what I would get for trading it in, I’m selling. :) Than I’m tossing in a little more and getting me a nice white of silver PSP slim, which was my master plan from Day 1. :P

  2. In a way, I’m also making money out of my rarely used PSP. I let my friend borrow my 1 Gig Memory Card for $5 a week {his idea believe it or not}!! ^_^ I’ve made about $150!!! So I told him he might as well buy it of off me, so the total made is $170!

  3. O_O $5/week!?! Was he nuts!? In 4-6 weeks he already paid it off. :P I’ve had so little to get excited over. Jeanne D’Arc is awesome, but I haven’t been gaming much recently. I’m looking forward to some pre-SotN Castlevania later this month, but the 3rd Phoenix Wright and King of Fighters XI come also come out that same day. As much as I love Castlevania, Phoenix Wright gets priority…. thus my PSP will collect more dust until it’s sold. :)

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