Seto no Hanayome Character Albums

“53RG10 Why!?”
Why not?

Sometimes, character albums suck @$$ {any Lucky Star…except Iwasaki’s}, sometimes they’re OK {any from Suzumiya Haruhi}, and sometimes they’re awesome {Etou Mei’s}. Well here are some more character albums, coming fresh from Seto no Hanayome. The first three came out a long time ago, and the other three came out just a few days ago. So let’s listen {on your own, no flash music!!!} and say what we like or don’t like about them.


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 1 – Brand-new mind
Artist: Haruko Momoi (Seto San)

1. Brand-new mind
2. Eiyuu no Shi
3. Brand-new mind instrumental version
4. Eiyuu no Shi instrumental version

Ha~♥…Haruko Momoi…I really like her odd sounding voice! ^_^ Its just so fun and great for the ears. It doesn’t matter what kind of song she sings, whether be the slow “Namida Ichirin” or the rocking “God Knows…”, she makes it sound great!! I guess I don’t have to tell you to listen to her, since you probably have!


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 2 – Wishing!
Artist: Nogawa Sakura (Edomae Runa)

1. Wishing!
2. Natsu Kagiri no Image
3. Wishing! instrumental version
4. Natsu Kagiri no Image instrumental version

Yes, I’m one of those guys who like ‘cutsey’ songs. “Wishing!” is one of those ‘cutsey’ songs. For a character song, I don’t think this song really describes Runa-chan, only a part of her. The part she shows the whole world except Nagasumi and San-chan, that is her idol side. Anyway, “Wishing!” isn’t the better song here, “Natsu Kagiri no Image” is.


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 3 – GAP
Artist: Morinaga Rika (Zenigata Mawari)

1. GAP
2. Matsuri no Shi -NON STOP!!!-
3. GAP instrumental version
4. Matsuri no Shi -NON STOP!!!- instrumental version

MAWARI!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ^_^ I never did write about who I like the most out of the Seto no Hanayome girls. If you can’t tell…it’s Mawari!! She’s one of the normal ones, and that’s saying a lot compared to all the other crazy characters. Normal means that she doesn’t have a double personality {like Runa}, she doesn’t have a hidden identity {Iinchou}, and she’s human {unlike San, Akeno, and Maki}. But she still is pretty crazy, she takes her ‘job’ seriously and constantly blows her whistle and tries to arrest people…I’ll let her cuff me!! ^_^

Anyway, back to the album. What I’m about to say will sound bias because you know now that I really like Mawari: THIS IS THE BEST CHARACTER ALBUM OUT OF THE SIX!!! Both songs are REALLY good and get more plays than the other two, not counting the 3 new ones, but I’m pretty sure I will play this more! ^_^’

“GAP” is just too awesome. I don’t know if it’s Morinaga Rika’s first time singing, but her voice is great. If she were to pick up singing, I will definitely listen to her a lot…she mixes in well with Rock!

Bad thing is we only get ONE song by Mawari (Morinaga Rika), the other one is by Haruko Momoi and Nogawa Sakura. “Matsuri no Shi -NON STOP!!!-” is still a good upbeat song, but I would’ve liked it better if there was another song by Morinaga Rika. Momoi and Nogawa get to sing twice, why not Morinaga Rika and the next three? >_<


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 4 – Hitman!
Artist: Kuwatani Natsuko (Maki)

1. Hitman!!
2. Hitman!! instrumental version
3. Brand-new mind Re-mix version
4. Hitman!! Re-mix version

LOL!! What a perfectly named character song!! ^_^ “Hitman!!” that name really describes Maki, who is the Seto group’s assassin! Now this is a character song. We get both flavors of Maki, the song gets ‘cutsey-fied’ by having Maki saying stuff like “no desu” in an innocent way! Learn from this Runa-chan!!! It’s still not a very good song though…-_- A remix won’t save it…

I’m not a fan of remixes. Once I get used to the original, it’s hard for me to listen to a remixed version. There are some exceptions but the majority of remixes suck…”Brand-new mind Re-mixed version” barely makes it about the cr@p line. As I said, I don’t know what is it about Haruko Momoi that she makes everything likable.


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 5 – Who Are You?
Artist: Rikimaru Noriko (Iinchou)

1. Who are you?
2. Who are you? instrumental version
3. GAP Re-mix version
4. Who are you? Re-mix version

I didn’t expect for the class rep to get a character album. We didn’t see much of her, but what we did see was eye candy!! {When she removed her glasses and became that amazon!! ^_^} That really was a surprise, like the song “Who Are You?”. That song started a bit slow and I thought it was going to be slow. But when the chorus came up, the song actually became likable! The beginning beat has a nice tropical kinda beat…referencing her amazon side I guess. And out of nowhere it becomes really fast with fast drum beats that you can’t help but tap your feet!! ^_^ It was funny at the end when she was complaining that no one knows her name when she’s the class representative!! The remix version is a bit slower and not as toe tapping inducing as the original, but worth a listen nonetheless.

I want to say that is the best track of this album, but “GAP Re-mix Version” takes the cake! Yeah, this negates what I just said about remixes, but “GAP Re-mix Version” is actually pretty good.


Album: Seto no Hanayome Character Song 6 – Rasen
Artist: Kitamura Eri (Shiranui Akeno)

1. Rasen
2. Rasen instrumental version
3. Wishing! Re-mix version
4. Rasen Re-mix version

I didn’t really take a liking to Akeno. I guess she was supposed to be the tsundere one, the one who is tough outside but really wants to be liked inside. Well…if that was the aim for Akeno, it wasn’t executed well. She was more like the tough girl, who don’t give a sh!t about other people.

The song “Rasen” is one of the best from the whole collection. Give it a listen, you’ll like it. It starts with some bass guitar and moves into electric guitar in a very good transition. The Re-mix version starts and sounds different, but I think it’s OK…for a remix.

No comment on “Wishing! Re-mix version”, as I said, I don’t really like remixes.


If I had to rate these from 1-6, one being the best, it would be:

6. Hitman! (Maki)
5. Wishing! (Runa)
4. Who Are You? (Iinchou)
3. Brand-new Mind (San)
2. Rasen (Akeno)
1. GAP (Mawari)

I was going to also include “Lunarian” and “your gravitation”, but they’re insert songs and not character songs…-_-

But I will say that “your gravitation” tops everything here!! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Seto no Hanayome Character Albums

  1. That japanese scent on the “Hitman!!” song~ Very cute…But the girl on the speaking part,it’s not Maki!o_o~Who is?>_> Awww I want the Hitman!! lyrics ç_ç

  2. Well, i personally really love Luna ^^
    She’s a devil all right
    She’s a bastard all right
    But oh god, she’s the cutest angel there is ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I think me saying Luna’s song is the best doesn’t sound bias because IT IS bias
    But i really love luna,

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