First Anime of the Fall ’07 Season

The fall anime season officially started with the realease of DaCapo II, and yet I’m still trying to catch up with some of the old seasons. I thought I would have at least some time where I would do nothing at all. But all of a sudden, I started watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Claymore, and Genshiken. And even some other anime I never heard of, like Ninnin Shinobuden and Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle. Well, those two are, like Dancing Queen put it: ” filler series to watch while others are taking to long with subs”. ^_^

The fall season is barely starting and there are a lot more anime that needs to air. I only catched the first few that were released RAW, they were some that I had my eye on. As I’m typing this more are being downloaded, but I don’t think I will make another post like this one, unless one of them is worthy!! ^_^

I’ll try not to touch on the story…


Nanaka, Aoi, Syuri, Hinako, Yuzuki, Asami,

I really liked the OP, “Tears Infections” by: KAORI. The cast playing in the OP was a nice touch. I wouldn’t be a surprised if they do it in the actual anime, like in the School Festival episode. Every school anime has a School Festival! ^_^ We’ve only seen three of the female characters, the first three up there, and I know everyone will like Nanaka! Extra Moe points for wearing a Miko outfit!! ^_^ Extra coolness points for slapping Sana out of nowhere!!! {She had a reason.}

Aoi voice annoys me -_-‘

DaCapo II

Da Capo II
TOP: Minatsu, Otome, Koko BOTTOM: Yume, Nanaka, Anzu

It’s the same’ol DaCapo with all the bishoujo girls you fantasize about. And also that forbidden sibling love…yes they are not related like in the first DaCapo. But this time the male lead, Yoshiyuki, gets two, that’s right TWO, Asakura sisters!!! Bastard…

I already like one of the girls. And that is the school idol Nanaka who, just like Kotori, I’m guessing will have mind reading powers. Hmm…I’ll have to use her last name as not to confuse her with Nanaka from Myself;Yourself! Shirakawa sound better anyways.

As long as no “Nemu” type girl appears, this will be a really good anime…I didn’t like her, at all! But I get that vibe from Yume Asakura…-_-



It seems a lot more people were excited about this more than any other anime. I don’t know squat about it, but previous Key and KyoAni combinations were good so this is a keeper. I took a liking to the OP, but the ED was…how should I put this…odd. Dango? WTF!? ^_^ I LOL’ed!! For what seems to be a depressing anime, the ED was just too funny for it!!

I like the character designs that Key Visual Arts comes up with, and I love how KyoAni brings them to life and makes them look all pretty in animation! But we’ll see if the story keeps up with this high level of production.

Shakugan no Shana II


We all know how bad-ass Shana is. And all her bad-ass-ness is still there. The sword swinging tsundere loli is back along with her URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!!! ^_^ It took me a while but I realized that what was happening already happened in the previous season. I was: “!? Wait a minute…oh never mind I know what’s going on!!” A new bad-goat trapped Saito…I mean…Yuuji in a dream world.

It seems this season has a lot of OP that I like, Shakugan no Shana II also has a great OP, “Join” by: Kawada Mami.

I guess I haven’t learned my lesson on not having high expectations for 2nd or 3rd seasons. Zero 2nd season and Nanoha’s 3rd weren’t as satisfying as their first season(s). But watching this episode raised my expectation for Shana and I don’t want to be disappointed.
Sketchbook ~full color’s~


To me this feels like a “Hidamari Sketch” and “ARIA” hybrid. No, not because of ARIA shachou appearing in the anime! ^_^ It’s just a feel good anime with the element of comedy and sketching!! I was already sold when I heard Makino Yui’s voice, but I was happy to know this anime is based on a 4Koma, which I always seem to like very much!

5 thoughts on “First Anime of the Fall ’07 Season

  1. I do agree about Aoi’s voice was the most annoying part of the series. I saw them first as children and hoped her voice would change like most of theirs did., but they left her’s. >_< I know it’s supposed to by “cutesy” but it’s like she’s trying to hard cutesy is Asahina Mikuru or Rika-chan. But this was just too much for me. I think i’ll keep watching but i want to press mute when Aoi starts talking…

  2. I’m pretty behind on most of the new stuff mainly because I’ve been lazy and busy at the same time. Plus like 5 series ended just in the last 3 days, and I haven’t touched them yet because they’re all series I want to write up impressions about. :( So it’ll all crazy.

    Myself; Yourself seemed so generic, yet I enjoyed it like mad. I have a feeling it will end up like Gift or Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na (enjoyable, but forgettable), but that’s fine.

    What I find hilarious about Da Capo II is that Horie Yui is voicing the new Nemu. I’m a big Da Capo fan, but am trying not to take sides in this series. Don’t want to to feel betrayed bu Junichi like in DC and DCSS

    If you think about the Clannad premise (or at least about Tomoya’s background), the ED song makes a bit more sense. A family of dango, and family is something he lacks. Ep 1 hooked me more than Air or Kanon. Kanon I can understand because I saw the first series. Probably should bring out the tissues each Thursday or Friday.

    Already had my thoughts on Shana Second. Shana looks a little different, and the animation overall looks slightly better. Kawada Mami already inflated my expectation level.

    Sketchbook was fun. You’ve got to like these kinds of series for sure. Luckily both of us dig these kinds of series. ;)

    I need Mokke to get subbed. That’s one I can’t do raw. Seemed boring as hell, but slice-of-life supernatural stuff take time to warm up to. Also need to watch Dragonaut and Blue Drop.

  3. @Dancing Queen: I want to press mute too, but it would be hard to know when she’ll start or stop talking. I’ll have to endure her ear piercing high pitched voice. -_-

    @deftoned: Shana has more sharp edges around her face and eyes, making her look a bit more ‘mature’, but it’s still the same’ol Shana. She doesn’t look much of a loli now…:(

    In DaCapo, I don’t want to be betrayed by the lead’s choice either, but I can’t help but go for the non-stuck up and pretty school idol. Plus, I learned Chihara Minori voices her!! ^_^

  4. Aoi in Myself; Yourself is voiced by Kaneda Tomoko who pretty much has 1 voice. Off the top of my head, everything I’ve heard her in sounds like Chiyo-chan. :P

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