“LOVE★GUN” – Hirano Aya’s next single!!

No High-Res Album Pic, So I’ll settle with a short video! ^_^

YAY! More from my beloved Hirano Aya~♥. I knew about this for like a week now, but just now got the chance to blog about it!

The new single will be on sale October 10, 2007 and will include these tracks:


Look like she’s leaning towards more of her Rock side, which I think fits her perfectly, and also she looks like she has been practicing with the guitar. In the Gekisou concert, while singing “God Knows…” and “Lost My Music” she kept on looking to her left hand, which made her mouth move a way from the mic. Wonder if she’ll use the guitar while in concert! I’ll love to see that ~♥ ^_^

Anyway, looking forward for the full song and GLITTER.

4 thoughts on ““LOVE★GUN” – Hirano Aya’s next single!!

  1. I could have sworn I commented on this a couple days ago. WordPress likes to play tricks I guess. I keep watching the promo… her face when she’s trying to catch whatever is falling is priceless. I’m looking forward to to single, along with a lot of other singles and albums.

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