10,000 HITS!!!


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Holy Cr@P!! I have never gotten so many views in anything!! Not in MySpace, DeviantArt, or other pages! So I felt it was OK if I make myself a little gift! ^_^ That is a character I created for a contest over at DiamondFantasies.DeviantArt.comclick here for the original image.

I started this crappy blog about 3 months ago, it’s still an amateur’s blog and even I know it sucks. But to anyone who visited, and any future visitors, THANK YOU!

I’ve noticed that I’m beginning to get used to writing blogs. Meaning, a lot more of my ‘true’ personality is showing in writing, but just a little tiny bit!

Just like in real life, it takes me a while to get comfortable with my surroundings and show my true self and what I’m thinking! Don’t know why it took almost 3 months for the blog to catch up when in real life it takes about a week or so! ^_^’

3 thoughts on “10,000 HITS!!!

  1. congrats! my blog hasn’t even touched 9,000 and I’ve been at it for over a year. :P

    Probably because I don’t advertise it. Oh well, I’m over it. Back to the Clannad OST.

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