HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

We all know about the format war that has been going on with these two. What will be the next standard for video {or video-games}? Which one will replace the DVD? Only time {or the porn industry} will tell! ;)

But I’ve been looking at their specifications and wondered, “Will the thing I wanted for so long be able to be achieve by these two formats?” Since this post is tagged by the anime tag, you can pretty much guess what it is I’ve been wanting…a complete licensed/official anime season in one disc!!

A normal DVD can hold about 4.7 GB of storage. The average anime DVD has about 3 or 4 episodes with some extra features. Pretty good if you ask me. But it comes tedious when you have to buy disc after disc and even more tedious when watching them and having to get the disc out to insert the next one! >_< Yes, I’m lazy!

A normal HD-DVD can hold 3.2x more than the DVD, 15 GB. Which, if followed by the 4 episode formula, will give us 12 episodes in a single HD-DVD!! Most seasons are 13 episodes, but I think it can be done! Plus, HD-DVD can encode in H.264!!

But this one excites me more. A normal Blu-Ray can hold 25 GB!!! 5.3x more than the DVD! And it also supports H.264! A single disc can hold 20 episodes {still following the 4 eps. per disc formula}. Maybe if the extra features are removed and added to another disc, two seasons {26 episodes} might fit into the disc.

To make the seasons even, I wouldn’t mind if the picture quality was at the DVD level. DVD looks pretty good to me!! But of course, those disc were made just to make thing more in High Definition and with better sound, which is why they need all that storage space.

And those are just the normal version, Dual-Layered disc can hold twice as much as a normal disc. Well duh! “Dual-Layer” pretty much tells you all! ^_^

Well that’s just my dellusions. It will be up to the company who licensed the anime to decide what we’ll get. Plus, I don’t know how much it cost to make a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray or if the complete season{s} will be at the same price point as a normal HD-DVD or Blu-Ray movie, which is about $60+. But wouldn’t it be awesome if that up there came true!?!

One thought on “HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

  1. I haven’t really ventured out into HD-DVD or Blu-Ray mainly because I haven’t had to yet. But I do agree I wish more stuff would get tossed onto a disc. As much as I enjoy HD broadcasting, I don’t really have a need to update my DVD collection (which is pretty small to begin with). Things probably will change down the line, when (hopefully) HD-DVD and Blu-Ray become more affordable and readily available, but for now regular DVDs are fine by me. :)

    One thing that I still don’t get are why most people still download xvid when h.264 options are available. I have a 3-year-old laptop with a meager 256 SDRAM that plays most stuff fine. :)

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