Konata’s mom, Kanata, appeared!!


And not just as a flashback!! Her ghost appeared in the show and even had a lots to say!

Konata was wondering if a classmate {of same age} would be considered a lolicon if he went for her or Yutaka. They’re the same age and all, so would he? A though question to answer…according to dad. Soon the conversation turned towards what was it that made Kanata fall in love with Konata’s dad. Konata’s dad was {still is} a lolicon and and otaku, so what was it? People try to avoid that type of person…says Konata.

The anime took on a serious tone while they talked about Kanata, but not too serious, they still said what you’ll expect from them, but with a nice background music. The father then told Konata about how happy Kanata was when Konata was born.

Lucky Star 22-01

Lucky Star 22-02

Hope she doesn’t grow up to be like neither of us…

Then the ghost appeared to watch those two and how they’re doing. Of course, they’re the same ‘ol pair and the dad is doting Konata and taking pictures. She’s happy they’re both close and playing video-games together…but unhappy that those are ero-games!! ^_^

Lucky Star 22

Lucky Star 22

“You’re starting to feel like Kanata when I hug you!!”

Lucky Star 22

Here he’s going to say what it was that made Kanata fall for him.

Lucky Star 22

“It was probably because I was the one who loved her the most.”

Flashback Mode:

Lucky Star 22

Lucky Star 22

Lucky Star 22

So sad…

Lucky Star 22

There’s more where this came from…watch the episode to see them!! ^_^

It was nice taking a detour from the usual gags and focus a bit on the serious side of Konata’s family, speaking and remembering a loved one. It was all and good, ’till the last scene killed the mood by having Hiyori fantasize, yet again, about Yutaka and Minami! I guess they needed to end in a humorous way and not in a serious tone…


3 thoughts on “Konata’s mom, Kanata, appeared!!

  1. That’s more than I could write about those scenes. I really was speechless after that. Hard to express in words (though I tried). It was great how they managed to drop in a bit of comedy even during the touching flashback (the ring not fitting, the lolicon stuff) keeping us aware that this is Konata’s father at the core, just a different side to him.

    Soujiro is my new hero.

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