Another perfectly done ARIA episode. Everything that I fell in love with ARIA is here, the character’s interaction, the emotion, that calm feeling, the slow pace of the story, and the good feeling it gives you after watching an episode, you can’t help but smile.

As usual, the story is mostly about what the character has on her mind. This one had Akari {♥} thinking about when she’ll be a prima, which makes her worry. If she were to become a prima, Alicia would leave and she’ll be alone.

After talking with Alice {♥} and Aika, she talks to Alicia about it. Alicia knows too well what Akari is going through. She had the same experience back in her twin-tailed days. She had to overcome the pain of parting with her sempai and supervisor, Grandma. It’s nice to see a young Alicia…

With the help of Athena and Arika, who took her to gaze upon the city of Neo-Venezia, Alica stopped worrying and did what she must do, accept a Pair. And that is how she met Akari…

After reminiscing about her past, Alicia took Akari for a gondola ride in the middle of the night. Just like what Arika and Athena did for her, she took Akari high up a building to gaze out into Neo-Venezia and comfort her. The day when Akari will become a Prima and Alica must leave will come, but thanks to Alicia’s {and everyone else’s} support, at least the pain of parting will be lessen, even if it’s by a little.



ARIA shows you that you don’t need lost of action, intense battles, or even story progression to make for an awesome anime. A character driven anime with their laid-back everyday life style can be just as good…sometimes even better in my opinion!! Season 3 (ARIA the Origination) is around the corner. I just hope the ARIA formula is still there and not tampered with, ARIA the ANIMATION defined it, ARIA the NATURAL perfected it, and ARIA the OVA ~ARIETTA~ continued with it. If ARIA the Origination has it in some from, it will be an instant favorite!! ^_^

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