Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou Rocked!!

One freakin’ awesome concert that EVERY Suzumiya fan should watch, if they haven’t already!! ^_^’ It started off with Goto Yuko saying the same lines she said when Suzumiya Haruhi first brought Asahina Mikuru to the Literature Room. The crowd {and I} went wild, only to get wilder when the beat to “Koi no Mikuru […]

Moetan Ep. 3

I got the feeling that this episode was done for one thing and one thing only, fan service…as if there wasn’t enough already!! ^_^ Kuroi Sumi invited Nao-kun to her summer beach house, Rumi heard this and included herself, Ink, and Rami into the trip. Sumi wanted to decline but was suckered into agreeing because […]