Final Fantasy Retrospect

I was watching this over at Its a very interesting section and it tells how the Final Fantasy franchise came into existence. It’s a 13 part series and it’s currently at part 5!! This is a good history lesson for a Final Fantasy fan like me, or for you…if you want to read on:

Tales of Symphonia OVA 2

Watching the OVA’s make me want to play the game again. I REALLY want to, but I already sold my GameCube -_- . The game is just sitting in storage. Maybe when/if we get a Wii… Anyway, we get more Collette cuteness and they visit two of the four shrines. The side effects of becoming […]

School Days Ep. 6

What is it about Makoto that makes me angrier and angrier as the episodes go by? His stupidity? Carelessness? Or the fact that he just ignores Kotonoha? Since I started watching this anime, Makoto didn’t really leave an impression on me. As the story went by, I started to dislike him {since episode two in […]

School Days Ep. 5

WHOA! Those are some revealing shots. Makoto is really pissing me off!! In every episode he always does something stupid or inconsiderate. You’re dating a timid and shy girl!! Why don’t you take it slow and let her get comfortable by herself!?!? And just when Kotonoha started to take initiative and actually try to get […]