Mizuki Nana’s New Album to be realeased Nov. 14!!


It’s still untitled and we don’t know the names of most of the tracks, but we know that “SECRET AMBITON”, “MASSIVE WONDERS”, and “Heart-shaped Chant” will be on it, for a complete track list of 15. I’m excited already!! ^_^ It will be released November 14!! Spread the word!

Thanks to deftoned for keeping me in the know!! I would’ve been clueless about it if it wasn’t for his post! ^_^’

One thought on “Mizuki Nana’s New Album to be realeased Nov. 14!!

  1. I stumbled upon the news accidently when I was looking up when the Sky Girls OP was getting released. I thought it was this week, but I haven’t seen anything. The news was there. When her blog was updated today there was something on there about it too. So I would have caught that eventually because I’m a dork and follow things like that (but don’t follow the anime blogsphere as closely as I used to). :P

    KOTOKO and Kawada Mami also have new singles coming out in October, but those aren’t much of a surprise. KOTOKO’s doing a new OP for Hayate no Gotoku and apparently Kawada Mami is handling both the OP and ED for Shakugan no Shana II. Fun times! :) But what I really want right now is that Sky Girls OP by MELL!

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