Tamura Hiyori…Lucky Star’s Doujin Artist!

I hope Lucky Star keeps this trend of having the second half of the episode dedicated to the new characters that were introduced a while ago. Most of the 2nd part of Lucky Star Episode 19 was dedicated to our manga artist and yuri/yaoi affictionado Tamura Hiyori!!! She’s becoming a VERY lovable character! Mainly because she does thing I do {but in a cute female way}!! Like imitate the face of the drawing your doing:


Ask people if your current work is better than your previous one:

usually getting no… -_-

And even wanting to use only your favorite mechanical pencil to draw:

only to give in when you lose or break it… >_<

She’s a very ‘passionate’ about what she does and will do anything to keep doing it. She went as far as sacrificing her back instead of her drawing hand {she’s left handed!!} when she tripped!! That’s not passionate, that’s hardcore!!

Oh!! It’s time for the yuri fantasy to begin!!

Nooo!!! You mustn’t grow!!

I think she went off track somewhere!! ^_^

And finally my favorite part of this episode was:

“Yaoi tte nani?”

*Gha!!!* ………

How would you explain that to a cute and innocent Yutaka? ^_^

8 thoughts on “Tamura Hiyori…Lucky Star’s Doujin Artist!

  1. awe man i got asked that at work once,
    i’m not into yaoi myself but she knew i liked anime and knew tons and said she overheard someone in borders talk about how yaoi is so awesome and wanted to know what it was…
    needless to say i think i scarred her for life…
    cause she kept asking more and more questions and it went from yaoi to yuri to hentai to loli/shouta
    it was pretty bad

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