Final Fantasy Retrospective VI

Final Fantasy VIII broke the mold of oddly proportioned characters to bring us more realistic character models and proportioned bodies. In previous fantasies, the love story wasn’t the main focus of the plot, but Final Fantasy VIII made it the main focus, and I think also for future games. Now that the team was used to the PlayStation hardware, the FMV reached higher quality and just got better and better. Final Fantasy IX though, went back to having cartoon-ish looking characters. IX also went back and tried using things from the first games, like having four players in the battle line plus many other things.

I never did get around to finishing these two games. I played only a little bit of it before someone scratched the disc and made it unplayable or gave it away to someone!! I can’t really say anything about these games, so let’s wait for Final Fantasy Retrospective VII where they’ll probably cover Final Fantasy X and X-2…the first Final Fantasy games that featured voice actors!!!

One thought on “Final Fantasy Retrospective VI

  1. FFVIII is my favorite FF game after FFVI. :) I’m ridiculed to this day because I liked it so much. Everyone loves FFX, but I thought that game was all glitter and flash with little substance. FFIX is also awesome… definitely a game that one would appreciate A LOT more if you had played all the previous games. At the time, all I had finished were I, VI, VII, and VIII, so it probably wasn’t as “satisfying” for me. Perhaps if I had time I’d go back and replay it, but as I age most games become a 1 and done deal.

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