“Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette” has returned!!

Well, it wasn’t really gone since it’s still on-going over in Japan. What I meant was that it’s been a long time since a subbed episode was released. It’s on episode 33 by now and we just got episode 6…oh well what can you do?

I can’t really say how I feel about this anime, I like it yet I don’t. I like it because there is a great story going on and seems “real” {it’s an adaptation of French author Victor Hugo‘s novel Les Miserables, which I know NOTHING about.} But that “real” feeling is what makes me dislike it. I mean, it’s a like a real life Cinderella story without the magic, prince, or happy ending. But the slave and evil step sisters and mother are all there!! And the characters have some human traits that I hate the most. That is envy, greed, jealousy, and just plain old being a bitch!! >_< What’s more is that it has been shown IN EVERY EPISODE I’ve seen so far!!!


But, as I’ve said before, I’m drawn to drama. I just can’t help but watch what’s going on and see what sort of chaos this drama may bring. Besides, it’s not all about miserable stuff, there are some happy and great moments along with it. Cosette’s optimism and innocence is also admirable. Even though her ‘guardian’ took away her birthday present her mother sent Cosette and gave it to her daughter, Cosette was happy just knowing that her mother is still thinking about her. It’s sad, but admirable.

Well, we’ll see how much worse and sad this anime can get…

8 thoughts on ““Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette” has returned!!

  1. Might you know where I can find all the episodes with either English or French subtitles? I have looked most of everywhere, and coudl only find episodes 1-10. But I am unable to find the rest.

  2. Well, it’s called Les Miserables for a reason – it’s an epic novel about the wretches of society. It’s the sort of story where few happy endinss are realized, at least not in the fairy tale sense. But along with the vices and the tragedy, there are themes of redemption and mercy and striving for the common good. One of the things I really love about this story, especially regarding the characters, is that no one has a perfect personality (except maybe Cosette, which is why so few people like her). Everyone’s got both good and bad within them, and it’s watching the characters make the right or wrong choices that intensifies the drama.

    Now, I will say, having seen the end of this series, that some things have been altered in the anime to make it more kid-friendly. Objections to these changes are most likely to come from Les Miz fans than from anyone else, but it might help draw younger audiences to the classic with some of the gravity reduced. I have come to quite like this series, but I will tell you that two important character deaths were removed, and although I can understand why they were changed, I don’t think it added to the quality of the anime.

    As far as subs go, the English subs seem to be still at ep. 7, and French subs apparently stuck on ep. 10, but I shall investigate further. I really hope these groups can get their subbing back on track. If you want a small glimpse at later subbed episodes, check out glaciereater on youtube. She doesn’t do whole episodes (I think), just mostly stuff regarding the barricades.

  3. I need to see episode 23! If you look hard enough you will find that veoh.com has all episodes up to 22! And I cannot find a RAW (i think) episode 23! Help???

  4. Anyone know where you can watch episode 24? I heard they were all on youtube, but they deleted it (youtube did, not the users and that’s getting on my nerves)

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