Furude Rika…don’t get your hopes up.

In previous arcs, Rika somehow wanted to change her fate by either asking for help {from Mamoru Akasaka} or doing something that didn’t happen in a different arc. Most of them didn’t work, but in one of them, Keichi remembers what happened in a different arc {I think it was in the Atonement Chapter}. This gave Rika hope and now she tries, yet again, to change fate and save her and her friends’ life. Keichii, Rena, and Shion seem to be remembering what happened in previous arcs, but they think those are just nightmares. Rika says everyone should trust each other and even talk about those dreams, they do and become closer and Rika senses no ‘killing intent’ or something that could lead to someone killing the others.

This gives Rika hope…and a lot of it. She went as far as letting Tomikate and Takano into the storage room BEFORE the festival and asking for their help. She also started kicking the hell out of some random motorcycle to test if she could get hurt or die BEFORE the festival. A gangster biker would have hurt Rika but those guys in the van came and saved her. This made Rika think she has power and gave her confidence in that she will be protected. Seems like she will be able to save her friends after all!!

But the name of the chapter kinda shatters that hope Rika has. How can you succeed in a chapter entitled “The Massacre Chapter”? -_- Not only that, but this is Episode Seven and there are 24 scheduled episodes for this season. I want her to succeed and save her friends, but the pessimistic voice deep in my mind keeps telling me something bad will happened and Rika will have to try to save her friends and herself yet again…

At least in this arc, The Massacre Chapter, we get to see who Rika has been talking to all this time. It is a cute Horie Yui voiced spirit that no one but Rika can see named Hanyuu:


Nipaa~ ♥ ^_^

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