Final Fantasy Retrospect

I was watching this over at Its a very interesting section and it tells how the Final Fantasy franchise came into existence. It’s a 13 part series and it’s currently at part 5!! This is a good history lesson for a Final Fantasy fan like me, or for you…if you want to read on:

Part I: Final Fantasy I

Who would’ve thought it started with a complete chance!! The company Square was going bankrupt and with it’s last resources decided to make one final game. Hironobu Sakaguchi was given the task to come up with this game, but he wasn’t good at making action games, he was good at telling stories. He went into research and came up to the conclusion of making an RPG…Final Fantasy!! Well, at least I know now why it’s called “Final” Fantasy!! ^_^

My first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo {in fact it was the 6th installment in the series}. At the time, it was too hard for me to understand, so the only thing I did was run around and kill monsters. Little did I know that it was a great and highly advanced game that requires intelligence and endurance. So I got tired of not progressing/understanding and went to play Zelda: A Link to the Past all over again!! It wasn’t until “Final Fantasy VII” that I really got into the franchise.

Just a few weeks ago, my brother bought this game for the PSP since he didn’t get a chance to get it for the GameBoy Advanced. But mostly because he said it WILL BE on the PSP and will have prettier visuals. He was right and so he bought it, guess he will get the 2nd one also!! ^_^

Anyway, I’m going to play this once I get through “Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.” And I bought “Final Fantasy VI” for the GBA, I’ll have to wait until I beat “Final Fantasy I, II, and III {DS}.” I want to go chronologically, so I’ll get IV and V before playing VI. ^_^’

Part II: Final Fantasy II & III

No one thought the “Final” game that Square was made would be highly successful. The first game didn’t end with an open story that could be continued, so Square was free to make up a completely new story and take it to whatever direction they want!! In these two games we are introduced to trademark characters that appear in future games. Chocobos, Moogles, and Cid!!

My brother will be waiting for “Final Fantasy II” to be resealed on the PSP, he already has III for the DS. I will be waiting until all the Final Fantasy games are in possession to play them the way I want to!!

Part III: Final Fantasy IV & V

Final Fantasy IV was called Final Fantasy II here on the United States. That means II & III were skipped and no one got a taste of it until a few years ago. Final Fantasy IV gave us the Active Time Battle {ATB} system, one of the best systems in my opinion!! Monsters no longer waited for you to make a move, if you took to long they would attack you. Making you think fast and think ahead if you want to survive with as much HP as possible!!

There were also some minute introductions here that may seem dumb to mention. But it’s something we either change or say without realizing. Thanks to IV, you can change the color of the menu and monsters are now called ‘fiends.’ I’ll probably get Final Fantasy IV re-make for the DS. It’s in 3d!!

Final Fantasy V gave us the introduction of Tatsuya Nomura, monster/character designer for V an future Fantasies. Also, he directed Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Part IV: Final Fantasy VI

I never realized how freakin’ smart people over at Square are. Over the course of the series, they’ve been trying to give the characters emotions. They used to make them jump around or shake vigorously whenever they showed happiness or anger. But in VI, the sprites can now blink, smile, wag their fingers, and show a lot more emotion that weren’t really conveyed in previous fantasies. They really pushed the Super Nintendo to it’s capabilities!!

Anyway, this one was called Final Fantasy III on the United States and was the last game to be made for a Nintendo console {FINAL FANTASY: CRYSTAL CHRONICLES DOESN’T COUNT!!!}. This game used the words “Espers” and “Magicite” that I’ve gotten used to since Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. I was playing this a while ago, and I got to the point where you recruit that feral little kid. But since my brother bought the first fantasy, I decided to go back from one and go all the way to six. I think we may have the complete Final Fantasy collection {the ones with numbers} by the time I start to play VI again!! ^_^’

Part V: Final Fantasy VII

The game that rises the most disputes out of any Final Fantasy, and, *le gasp*, my favorite!! ^_^ Yeah, you could say that Final Fantasy VII sucks and that some other Final Fantasy is better. I say…to each their own {besides, its the most popular!!!}. I understand that people have their own opinions and tastes, but what I don’t understand is how can a lot of people hate a game just because it’s mainstream and makes Joe Gamer play it and ENJOY it!!

“Yeah, but Final Fantasy X has better graphics than VII!!” WHAT THE F*&K DID YOU JUST SAY!?! Are you stupid!?!? You’re comparing old and new technology. You got to understand that at the time, those were state of the arts graphics! They were groundbreaking and set a bar for the graphics that all the graphic whores are gawking at right now!! Also, Final Fantasy was never really about the graphics, it’s all about the story. That is the reason why the franchise is so popular. Final Fantasy VII was also the game that really put Square on the map, it boosted its reputation and because of it, a lot of people started buying off earlier Final Fantasy games and also their future releases.

Oh crap!! I gotta stop this or I’ll go on forever quoting retarded people and praise VII more and make people angrier at me. This is supposed to be about Final Fantasy VII and what it gave to the franchise!! ^_^ I digressed…back on topic:

Final Fantasy V was the last to be on a Nintendo console. Since the N64 was cartridge based and would cost a lot to make a game like Final Fantasy VII for the N64, Square made the hard decision to go to Sony and its new system, the PlayStation. “Nintendo saved Square from bankruptcy for two decades, and now they go to Sony?!” It may seem like a back stab, but Square is a 3rd party developer and I don’t think that was a bad decision they made. Besides, if it was on going to be on the N64, there would’ve have been a lot of cartridges to hold the huge adventure of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII gave us Full Motion Videos for it’s cut-scenes and also in game cut-scenes {that’s were your polygon characters move and it’s not a Full Motion Video nor CG}!! The characters were also in 3D and the battle camera moved according to their moves or actions. Eye candy!!

There are many things that Final Fantasy VII gambled with that many people didn’t realize. It was the showing of prostitution, cross-dressing, and even blood. But one that people remember and the biggest gamble ever, is the death of Aeris {Aerith, your choice}, a central leading character!!!

I said VII was my favorite. That is because that was my first and TRULY Final Fantasy game that I played all the way through. “Just because it your first one it’s your favorite?” No, besides being my first, it also was the first game that where I got attached to the characters. The story is there, the gameplay is there, the characters are there, the graphics were there, and the mature themes were also there. What is there not to love about Final Fantasy VII!?! Don’t get me wrong though, I like other Final Fantasies games, but VII just struck a chord when Aerith died…other games also make me feel other emotions, but not like VII did. X tried by killing off Tidus at the end, but X-2 brought him back.

This is a great segment from GameTrailers and I will follow it all the way to the 13th episode, probably making a post if I have something to say about that particular game. Every Sunday a new episode is released, but they don’t have an RSS feed to tell me when its uploaded, so I’ll watch them on Mondays!! ^_^

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan and you’re interested in the History of Final Fantasy, go watch these episodes, it’s time well wasted!!

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Retrospect

  1. Not really a big fan of Final Fantasy, but it’s a good game series. I love the irony of how it was called “Final Fantasy”, yet they decided to make over 10 sequels! :P

  2. Don’t bother with FFI or FFII for the PSP. Just get Dawn of Souls for the GBA or FF Origins for the PSX. You get BOTH games for drastically cheaper prices (1 cartridge or CD used for under $15-20 vs. TWO UMDs new for $60).

    My first FF game was the original NES one, which I didn’t really like that much because I thought Dragon Warrior was better. I have played all of the game, except III, and have beaten all of them except II, III, and XII (which I’m just being lazy about). VI is one of my favorite games of all time, and I firmly believe it was the pinnacle of the FF series.

    If we take a step back all SQUARE has going for it is Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (which is just another milking of the Final Fantasy franchise). If you look at what Square-Enix has been putting out as of late, it’s mainly ENIX material (i.e., Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest). Outside of FF and KH all Square has is Mana, which is really hit or miss for the masses. Square used to be amazing developers, but since pretty much the core who created so many great titles in the 1990’s have moved on to Monolith Soft, Mistwalker, Namco, etc, they’ve been lacking. If we exclude Final Fantasy, SQUARE hasn’t really produced anything spectacular since Vagrant Story or Chrono Cross.

  3. Of all the FF Games, not that ive played them all, and finished less. FF XII is my own porsonal favourite, I Love adventure! What did XII have more then anything? ADVENTURE!!!! I Would go on but ya. Love! it!

    So it’s funny, i got into the FF franchise, purly because of it’s elements/ points and tones it stuck with, and created new each new game.

    Every Game is a completly new Story and adventure. (new world)
    Recuring themes, :Chocobos, Moogles, some guy named Cid. Airships, Spells and summons, eg. Ifrit, and such. Black Mages, White Mages, Never a direct sequel to any of their games…. Dot. lot’s more i could mention.

    And as a last now here are the games i currently have.

    FF Dawn of Souls. GBA (FF I + II)
    -need FF V GBA
    -need FF VI GBA
    FF IX PS
    FF X PS2,
    -don’t want/count FF XI online.*
    FF XII PS2 Love it soO SoO Much!
    FF XIII PS3 Looks SoO Good! Might give XII a run for it’s “munny!” Just need a PS3 first!….

    *WTF DID THEY ATTACH XI TO THE TITLE? WHY THE F@CK WHY?!?!?! I would have perfectly been fine with just FF online, bringing together many of the good points from the previous FF Games, all into one great game. But just like X-2, SQUARE just had to FU*King screw with tradition. Us Gamers houned them for their values and unquestionable loyalty to keeping an amazing value for the company, When your done with one world, u move onto another. Thats what they were famous for. Now… all i can do is forever think. Screw u Enix! Screw U!

    Note. I have no quarrels with Spin-offs, or even prequels/side stories. eg. Crystal Cronicals, Tatics, Crisis Core and Revenant Wings, Kingdom Hearts (Love it!) FF XIII Versus. But. By-god. did they have to screw everything us around with X-2 and XI online. Sheesh!

    wow, that felt good…. Fanboy? i think probably!

  4. Great writeup! I have been a fan of Final Fantasy since the original on the NES. It’s extremely difficult to say which one is my favorite because each one is so different. They all have recurring characters and creatures and that’s what makes them part of the series but overall, each is a unique game in itself.

    I love the original if just for nostalgia sake.

    I love FF VII because of the huge advances in story and visual quality. Also this is the first game that I have lvld all of my characters to 99. I loved it that much.

    I was in awe of the visuals in FF X as well as the great storyline. The Sphere grid was awesome in my opinion and I’d like to see it again in a future iteration.

    FF XI is probably my favorite of them all even though I agree with deftoned that attaching the XI to the title was just stupid. It truly should have been just FF Online. I have burned so much time on this game it’s just ridiculous.

    Final Fantasy XII is amazing because it tried to bring a little taste of online play without actually being online. They did a great job with it also and it’s probably why I actually love this game so much as well.

    What I really enjoy about the Final Fantasy series is watching the evolution of the game. Being with it from the start, I have seen so many advances in quality and gameplay. It’s great to see how far the series has come.


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