Misato Aki’s New Album

Misato Aki feel it front cover Misato Aki feel it back cover

…is titled ‘feel it.’

I’ve listened to it only for few times, but I like it. But, according to the booklet, most of the songs aren’t new. The only new song is ‘feel it.’ Mostly all of them were featured in anime or games. Some from “Super Robot Wars Taisen OG Divine Wars”, some from “Muvluv”, other from “Strawberry Panic!” and three of them from “D.C. II” {the game not the anime}. But it’s O.K because I haven’t heard of most of them and are new {to me.} ^_^’

Tracks to listen to are: “Mou Ai Shika Iranai”, “Kuchibiru Daydream” or “Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu” as it’s called on this album, “TOMORROW’S TRUE”, and “Happiness.” But most of them are already out in single album and I’m familiar with them, but oh well. ^_^’

I guess everyone knows Misato Aki thanks to the ED of MyHime “Kimi ga Sora Datta”. At least that’s where I know her from!! ^_^ If not, then from her other {really good} singles from other anime.

{Maybe I’ll update this when I listen more to this album.}

One thought on “Misato Aki’s New Album

  1. you beat me to it! guess we think alike! :P i was thinking about posting something about this album today, but decided i’d give it a few more listens before really throwing something up. i do enjoy mou ai shika iranai, confusion lovers, and if… i wish. i liked her first album a bit more, but i’ve listened to that a number of times, so i may have a bit of bias in there.

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