Tales of Symphonia OVA 2

Watching the OVA’s make me want to play the game again. I REALLY want to, but I already sold my GameCube -_- . The game is just sitting in storage. Maybe when/if we get a Wii…

Anyway, we get more Collette cuteness and they visit two of the four shrines. The side effects of becoming an angel is also showing it’s face. I already know what happens so I’m not really surprised at what will come, but how it’s played out in the OVA is what I come back for. Also, I wanted to see Sheena:


She made an appearance to kill Collette, at first she hesitated and didn’t do anything.
But on the second shrine she attacks Lloyd, only to get her ass kicked by Kratos
{bastard!!} [he’s still cool though ^_^].

The ED still reminds me of “Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!,” must be the dolls they use!

One thought on “Tales of Symphonia OVA 2

  1. Collette = Mizuki Nana. ;) Too bad for an ass-long time in the game there’s no voice from Collette. :P But then again, we’re both playing the NA version of the game. :)

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