Lucky Star finally gave me what I wanted!!!

More characters from the OP!!! Previous episodes gave me just a tiny little taste of the characters like Yukata, Iwasaki, Hiyori, and Misao. The last few episodes only gave us brief shots of these characters and didn’t really gave us any detail on them. Thanks to episode 18 though, we get most of the second half dedicated to these characters. Let’s take a look at some:

Kobayakawa Yutaka

Everyone knows by now that she is Konata’s cousin and came to live with her so she could attend school. She’s fairly weak and gets sick easily. Though so far, I really haven’t seen her stay in bed. She’s a nice girl and looks up to Konata and her friend Iwasaki, who she met while testing to get into Konata’s school. Her ribbons seem to change by day, but I don’t have enough evidence!! ^_^

Iwasaki Minami

Yutaka’s best friend and Miyuki’s cousin. She is really quiet, and speaks kind of in a monotonic way, like Nagato Yuki but it figures because it the same voice actress!! Unlike Nagato though, she shows her emotions and is usually misunderstood. People might think she’s mad when she walks away, but she really is embarrassed. She’s tall because she likes to drink milk…but she drank milk for a different reason: –REASON-. ^_^ I like her already!!

Tamura Hiyori

She’s one of Miami and Yutaka’s friend and is in the same class. At first, she seems like a normal school girl who likes and cares for her friends. But she has a hobby, she’s a fujoshi. She doesn’t just use guys in homosexual ways, but girls as well. And she can’t help but draw Yutaka and Minami in a weird way. But she knows it’s wrong Don’t worry Hiyori, I know you are not the only one doing that!!

Martin Patricia

Another of Yutaka’s friend. We don’t really get much on Patricia. But we can tell that’s she’s foreign and knows a lot about Hiyori’s hobby. Hope to see more of her in the next episode.

Kusakabe Misao

Misao is Kagami’s friend and is in Kagami’s class. We only get a brief look at her, but she seem to be insightful and looks really REALLY fun. Even her voice yells “I’m a great person to hang around with!!” I’ve had my eye on her since episode 2, I caught her during the OP and wanted to see more from her ever since. Also, she has this cute single fang that always gets me and practices some rules I follow!!

Minegishi Ayano

For whoever wants to know what “Q.E.D” means!!

Only thing we get is that she is Kagami’s and Misao’s friend and is in the same class as them. {I couldn’t find a good shot of her, so I used one from the OP!!} Hope to see more of her in the next episode.

I had the same thought that Akira had when she introduced the characters {though they only gave us their names}. IT’S ALREADY EPISODE 18!! THE SHOW IS ALMOST OVER!!… … Oh well, better late than never right?

Next episode seem like we will see more of these characters. I also hope they show more Kagami/Sisters interaction. There was a bit of a serious moment in 17 that I enjoyed. And Miyuki should stay as moe as she is, even practicing eye exercises is quite the turn on {though she can’t compete with Tsukasa’s cuteness IMO}!!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Star finally gave me what I wanted!!!

  1. I also liked this episode because of the side characters getting more screenstime. But more or so us getting to see ~~~TSUKASA~~~ and !KAGAMI! as a dog and a bunny. :D

  2. I want a Lucky Star spin off or OVA focused entirely on Yutaka’s class!

    It’s funny though…. in the last 2 episodes, Konta hits the nail on the head about purchasing stuff. Buy now even if you don’t get to it because you’d feel incomplete without it, and pick up the item that’s been least handled when purchasing in stores. :) Things that we do that so-o many people don’t understand!

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