"Hitohira" and "Himawari!"

These two series weren’t really detected by most peoples’ radar. I was going to do individual post but decided to make a single post with my thoughts on each of the series. Here we go:


Kayo and Mugi about to check their results…and already vandalizing!! ^_^

Hitoria is about a first-year girl named Asai Mugi. She’s really REALLY shy/timid and has very low self esteem. She doesn’t speak much, and when she does, it’s in a low, shaky, and barely noticeable voice {except when talking to her friend Kayo}. When she learned that she made it into the school she wanted to go, she got excited and yelled in a resonating voice that surprised everyone who heard it. One of those people was Ichinose Nono, president of the “Drama Club Research Society,” she was amazed at the sound of the voice and decided to recruit Mugi into her acting club. Of couse, Mugi’s self esteem issues kicked in and she said it was impossible for her to do something like that. Only to give into Kayo’s and the club members peer pressure. And the rest of the series is about how she handles being on stage and how she fights to be more optimistic in her own self worth.

Mugi during self-introduction. Cute~♥

I thought this was a good anime overall. The OP song, “Yume, Hitohira” is quite good and really fits what Mugi is trying to achieve. And you’ll love and hate Mugi at the same time. She’s usually in her shy mode, and that’s cute, but when she’s in her her ‘low self-esteem’ mode, you’ll find yourself saying stuff like: “C’mon Mugi, at least try it before you say it’s impossible!!!”As I said, most of the anime is about Mugi trying to raise her own self-esteem. But there are also other things going on here. The club that Nono made is fighting to stay alive because there is already a {very popular} Drama Club. She had a fight with the president of the Drama Club and founded The Drama Club Research Society in defiance. There’s also some unrequited love between two members of each club, Chitose {from the Drama Club} likes Katsuragi {from the Drama Club Research Society} but he likes some one else and is. In a way, that love kinda helps Mugi along the way because Chitose will confess even knowing that she will be rejected. As long as the other person knows how she feels she’s in good shape…and Mugi is inspired.

Ichinose Nono, president of the club. Sweet girl…but don’t get her mad!! ^_^’

Kitsurugi and Risaki: Senior club members. || Kai and Mugi: new recruits…poor souls!!


Hinata Himawari

Himawari is about a girl named Hinata Himawari who is trying to become a ninja. She lives in a tiny village where many kunoichi live to go to ninja school. Since in the future the girls will blend into society, they need a teacher to teach them social skills. That’s where Marikoji Hayato comes into play. {He has a huge debt to pay and took this teaching job for the money.} He is no ninja, just a normal human. Himawari decides to serve him {not in that way!!} because he has this mark on his neck, similar to what a ninja, who saved Himawari in the past, had. She thought he was that ninja. Most of the episodes are about Himawari’s adventures and her relationship with Hayato {if any} and other kunoichi from her class.I’m a sucker for ninjas. They’re just too awesome and can do kick ass things. {Unlike pirates, they just sail on a boats and catch scurvy.} This anime has its share of ninjas, and they are kunoichi!! We get a variety of girls, each with their own skills and odd clothing:


Special Skill: Herbal Knowledge {Poison, Medicine, etc,etc}, Hirano Aya~♥!!


Special Skill: Communication with animals. Neko Mimi FTW!!


Special Skill: Information Gathering. Cool looking character…’cause she’s a guy!!


Special Skill: Weapon Expert. Don’t want to hear her speak…weird/annoying voice.


Special Skill: Premonition{?}. She doesn’t appear often. Elven ears~♥, lovely!!

I had episode 1-8 for a REALLY long time {would you believe August of last year?} and just recently GNU released the final 5 episodes in a batch.There’s really no story to Himawari…yet. This season is all about Himawari’s adventures and training. The animation is very good and consistent but I thought there should’ve at least been more ninja fighting. Well, this is not an action/shounen anime, it’s more slice of life {with ninjas}. If you’re looking for ninjas and a lot of action, look somewhere else. But if you want cute kunoichi and a laid back anime, watch this.

The anime ended with in a good feeling, but that was broken after the credits. The ninja who saved Himawari is standing at the edge of a flying ship and said “The war has just begun.” What!? Why did you have to do that!? I MUST SEE SEASON TWO!!! It seems that season two will have all the meat of the story and probably all the ninja fighting I wanted to see in Himawari.I’m REALLY hoping the second season gets subbed. {The last episode of season two aired in March.}

2 thoughts on “"Hitohira" and "Himawari!"

  1. I gave up on Himawari so long ago. :P Though I may finish it just to finish it… As for Hitohira, I’ve been meaning to just sit down and watch it, but haven’t had the chance to yet. I watched episode 1 back when it started airing, but it just lost in the shuffle last spring.

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