School Days Ep. 6

What is it about Makoto that makes me angrier and angrier as the episodes go by? His stupidity? Carelessness? Or the fact that he just ignores Kotonoha? Since I started watching this anime, Makoto didn’t really leave an impression on me. As the story went by, I started to dislike him {since episode two in fact}. In most harem-like anime, I usually can tolerate the male leading character, but Makoto, I want him dead!!! o_o

But what compels me to keep watching? The Drama. I’m oddly drawn to drama and the chaos it might bring, and School Days has plenty of it!!!

Sekai and Makoto have been having ‘special training’ sessions. But at this point, it’s flat out cheating. Sekai realized this and told Makoto to tell Kotonoha about the situation, he tried during lunch along with Sekai, but they couldn’t do it. Just get it out!! The longer it takes you to say it, the more it will hurt Kotonoha. It’s better you to tell her than her finding you two on the roof kissing…oops too late!!

Kotonoha now has two rivals to go up against, one is Sekai and the other is that one chick…what’s her name…Otome? {She went to middle school with Makoto thought.} She said she liked Makoto, Kotonoha said Makoto is already her boyfriend and ran to the roof to see him. And well you know what happened.

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