Moetan Ep. 3

I got the feeling that this episode was done for one thing and one thing only, fan service…as if there wasn’t enough already!! ^_^

Kuroi Sumi invited Nao-kun to her summer beach house, Rumi heard this and included herself, Ink, and Rami into the trip. Sumi wanted to decline but was suckered into agreeing because they praised her on how a nice and cute person she is.

Everyone was ready to go, but Sumi was nowhere to be found. In fact, she was still sleeping in her neko suit pajama. The maid threw her off the bed yet again, but Sumi did not wake up. So she just put her in the car, still sleeping in her pajamas.

I like how Sumi’s ahoge changes to each occasion! ^_^

Ink wanted to use this chance and get to talk to Nao-kun, this time as Ink and not the magical girl Pastel Ink. As soon as they arrived, they all went for a swim in the pool, and Rami was pulled underwater by an unknown force. Maybe she was tired? During dinner, the lights kept on flickering, a problem with the electricity is seems. But before they went to bed, Rami and Rumi saw a ghost!!! While everyone slept, Sumi and Ink decided to investigate, even though Ink is scared of stuff like that. Queue the transformation scene!!

I’m still not tired of this!!

They went to the basement, past the Kuroi treasure room and to a door way in the back where they found…Sumi’s maid…drunk. That was all? Nope, there was also her:

What a cute {not scary} ghost!!

Even knowing that she’s a ghost, no one was scared. And that’s it, that was the whole episode. “But 53RG10, you said there was a lot of fan service.” There is, but you’ll have to watch the episode yourself!! ^_^’

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