Code Geass Stage 24+25

OMFG!! These two episodes were freakin’ awesome!!! I watched the series since it aired back in October and had to wait like three months for these two episodes. I don’t know why the studio {Sunrise} did this, all it did was just make the fans anticipate, speculate, and wait so long only to get a cliffhanger at the end. -_-

Stage 24:

These episodes kept me at the edge of my seat! I was already to fall off because I had watched Episode 17 of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StikerS {which was just as awesome} just before this!!

These episodes were full with “Whoa!” and “Holy SHIT!!” moments. Zero makes the school his command center in order to protect Nunally, the student council were resisting and wouldn’t let him do it, but then Karen took off her visor and assured them they would be safe. Then Syaoran…er..I mean, Suzaku, goes with his Lancelot to attack Zero. He’s going berserk all over the battlefield looking for Zero, Zero then leads him to fight somewhere else, the school. Of course, Suzaku hesitated and was captured, his Lancelot was rendered useless.

Zero then went to face off Cornelia herself, Cornelia lost due to Zero “Geass-ing” other pilots from Cornelia’s fleet. He showed his face and asked her questions concerning her mother’s death. Cornelia also doesn’t know anything.

Suzaku wasn’t the only one going berserk in the battlefield, there was one other that has been missing for most of the first season, Orange-kun. He has some weird body and mech and goes destroying everything is his path to Zero.

While Zero was busy with Orange-kun, Nunally was kidnapped by V.V. Zero completely left the battlefield and his ‘army’ behind in order to save her.

Stage 25:

Zero headed toward Kaminejima to save Nunally when they were attacked by Orange-kun yet again. C.C told Zero to get off and go into the cave while she took care of him. In the cave, Zero is stopped by Suzaku from opening some door, Karen confronts both of them. They get talking and get all emotional, then Suzuaku shot Zero’s helmet braking it in half. Both Suzaku and Karen are stunned and shaken up. Suzaku points his gun to Zero saying he musn’t exist, and Zero also points his gun. After a few dialouge and emotional rage, they both shot their gun at the same time…ending the episode.

WTF!?!?! I can’t believe Sunrise just ended it like that, right at an exciting climatic point!! I guess this is kind of like a way of saying that there will be a second season. There was a lot happening in these two episodes and I didn’t write about all of them, just the ones that made me go “HOLY SHIT” or “WHOA!”


One thought on “Code Geass Stage 24+25

  1. I don’t know why the studio {Sunrise} did this

    Blame the 2 recap episodes… also, I heard something about the second season being pushed back too. wouldn’t surprise me though because i doubt you’d want two very high profile sunrise series airing at the same time (code geass and gundam 00).

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