Lucky Star made me laugh again!!!

Recently, Lucky Star has been leaving me a bit unsatisfied. Those hidden jokes and hard references have been missing from previous episodes. Though it was great that they introduced new characters, Yutaka and Minami, I still expected more. Episode 15 gave me what I wanted. Well, the April Fool’s jokes were a bit cheesy, but Kagami’s reaction to Konata’s ‘lie’ was priceless. Did you believe Konata actually ‘did’ her homework? Kagami, you should know better!! -_-

And who cannot love animated Hirano Aya~♥

Adding more eye candy for the fans, there were some great DaCapo references, so far as even adding the OP!! Here’s a great post over at Tea Shop Beloved. {Hope he doesn’t mind…} On to episode 16!!

As if there weren’t enough Suzumiya References in previous episodes, KyoAni loaded this episode with them!! Not even did Konata’s phone had a Haruhi background, but even the ringtone, which was “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu” by: Goto Yuko, referenced Haru…er..Mikuru! They went so far as to make Konata’s cosplay cafe, you guessed it, Haruhi themed!

The little touches they added to the cafe were great. There was a Kyon and a Nagato character!! Of course, Nagato was her Nagato self, showing no emotion while Kyon tried to order something. Hirano Aya also used her Haruhi voice while in Haruhi character. Though it didn’t sound exactly like Haruhi, her attitude was there. I wonder how Kagami and Haruhi will fare in a real argument, they both like to have it their own way.

As the group was eating, the Haruhi group got up on stage and danced to “Hare Hare Yukai.” That would have been good enough to make me laugh, but everyone in the cafe also started dancing…minus Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki!! ^_^

The Asahina cosplayer was not what I expected. She was a foreign transfer student and didn’t sound like Asahina, but still loved the “Classified Information” pose!

With all these Haruhi references, you might have missed one of the greatest references that I personally love. That is, the Tsukasa/Akari mistaken identity. What’s great is that Tsukasa herself knows who she’s being mistaken from!

That guy there even tried to make Tsukasa say “Hiroyuki-cha~~n!!” {Now, I must hear Tsukasa say it like that before Lucky Star ends!}

It wasn’t all about references though, there were great conversations that made me laugh. Especially the one with Miyuki’s mother. And Lucky Channel’s concert was…not a concert at all. It was just a Karaoke session!! ^_^ Akira was in her raging mood, but calmed down when she started singing. She was very into it…

We’ll see how Lucky Star will tops this. KyoAni, make Tsukasa yell “Hiroyuki-cha~~n!!” The ToHeart fanboys want it, even that guy up there!!

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