Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ OP Single

The single for the anime Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi has been released. Just like most anime singles, it comes with four tracks. The last two being the Karaoke version of the songs, which never gets played on my media player!! ^_^

It comes with “I SAY YES” and “LOVE Imagination.” Out of those two tracks, “I SAY YES” is the best. It has this catchy beat and it makes me want to sing along, but I suck at singing…-_-‘ !! “LOVE Imagination” is alright, but not on the level of “I SAY YES.”

I don’t know that much Japanese {yet}, but from what I was able to understand from the kanji lyrics, “I SAY YES” has more meaning than “LOVE Imaginaiton.” Also, “I SAY YES” fits very well with the Louise and Saito relationship.

One thought on “Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ OP Single

  1. I just wrote something up about the single this morning. :D So-o much better than FIRST KISS, which I thought wasn’t that great and didn’t fit Zero no Tsukaima then. There are a lot of good songs right now, I think!

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