Moetan Ep. 2

The self proclaimed Rival {Kuroi Sumi} gets magical powers…as well as a talking cat!!! We also see that Kuroi Sumi is rich, and that she has a very evil maid, who wakes her up by kicking the bed over and knocking Sumi off of it. I get the impression that Sumi likes to cosplay, one reason is because she sleeps in a animal outfit…even though she’s seventeen!! Anyways, while being driven to school, she sees Ink in Nao’s place and gets off the car to spy on her. {By the way she also likes Nao.} Nao leaves without even noticing them and they try to run after him.

During lunch break, Ink get a Magical Mail saying there’s a person in trouble. She runs off and hides so she could do her transformation. I guess she didn’t chose a good place because Sumi saw her. Ink saved a guy who was trapped between a wall and a car. Then, a very evil looking silhouette of a cat appeared, along with what seems is a magical barrier. That sinister looking silhouette was just a small kitty, and another self proclaimed rival. After seeing who he was, A-kun {the duck} and the cat start to fight. The duck wins!!

Beaten up, the cat is assaulted by three dogs. Sumi is walking home when she sees this and scared the dogs away. The cat talked, not really being surpriesed, Sumi mentions that not only a duck talked, but now also a cat. The cat knew who she was talking about and decided to make her into a magical girl. Sumi only agreed because her rival is Ink. Sumi transformation time!!! And another gawking talking animal:

At least he feels ashamed!! ^_^

Unlike this duck…

OH!! One more thing…


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