Zetsubou Sensei Ep. 2

This time the sensei is trying to kill himself by standing in the train tracks, but a police officer is holding him. When Fuura sees this, she runs toward him yelling not to end his life, but instead of helping, she actually pushed him into the tracks!! Luckily the train missed him by a few inches, and Nozomu screams “What if I had died?!?” He wants to kill himself, but why does he always scream that? Anyways, the reason this time is because he thinks people are going to steal is identification. When you go get on a train, you slide your wallet {which holds the train card} and you get access. Nozomu thinks that his credit cards also get scanned and think he will lose all his savings. Come to think of it, that is possible…right? There’s a lot happening in this episode, so it would be easier to make a list.

–He has to deal with a hikikimori, and Fuura follows along. She says it’s not a hikikimori but a Zashiki-warashi, and if she leaves the house, the people living there will become poor. Trying to get her out, Nozumi goes to the roof and slips, hanging himself! Scaring the hikikimori out of the girl, she nows follows him around…probably in love. Maybe because Nozomu told her she can be with him when he dies, writing her name in a black book tittled “Suicide Partners”

–After the hikikimori, he has to deal with a stalker. Again, Fuura optimism say she’s not a stalker, but showing a form of pure love. Nozumu says if it’s pure love, you’ll want to die together, giving her {and the boy she’s stalking} a suicide kit. Before he left, he said “You can die with me whenever you want.” She took this as a confession and now also fallows him around. And the boy follows the girl around and a lady follows him around and so on, making a line of stalkers!!

–Chiri is eating a cake with 4 strawberries with 4 of her friends. Then another person comes in, and being the ‘perfect’ girl that she wants to be, divided the cake and strawberries into 5 portions, then another person comes, and she divides it again. By the time she was about to break down when more people came in, she came up with an idea. She blended the whole cake and now instead of eating, they’ll drink it!! LOL

–After the cake incident, Chiri is sleeping in the nurses office when Nozomu comes in tired from all the running and lays to sleep. Chiri turns and lands in Nozomu’s bed, once they open their eyes, Chiri says he must take responsibility and marry her. And he start running again!!

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