School Days Ep 2

Makoto is doing what a guy should never do, that is reading a book on love/dating. Those books only make things worse IMO. Sekai, being the genius that she is, tells him that’s stupid and should find out about Kotonoha by himself and not to follow a book. She then gives him two tickets so he could take Kotonoha to see a movie and make and ‘atmosphere.’ Kotonoha wanted to see the zombie movie, but that idiot Makoto {sorry, I just hate him for some reason} decides to take her to a romantic movie to get her in the ‘mood.’ After talking and seeing a ‘bed’ scene, Makoto decides to go for it. *SLAP* Kotonoha slaps him as he was about to kiss her!!

The next day is awkward between the two, and here comes Sekai to save the day…er relationship. Kotonoha doesn’t want to see Makoto and decided to take the bus instead the train {because Makoto will be waiting at the station.} After talking with Sekai and finding out stuff about Makoto, Kotonoha goes to the train station to make up with Makoto, and this time she took the initiative and kissed him.

Sekai was spying on them from afar, though we only see her silhouette, she looked depressed. I prefer the smiling Sekai:

Sekai~♥ ^_^

8 thoughts on “School Days Ep 2

  1. wait until you see episode 5. :P 4 was pretty bad too. school days seriously is like a trashy romance novel or a bad soap opera… we know it’s lame, but can’t help but watch it. :) i’m waiting for the subs for 5 to come out so i can write up more about how much makoto sucks. :)

  2. konoha…t super sigo me encanta como sos xq sos linda, tenes lindo cuerpo,sos lindiiiiiisima y me encanta la pareja q haces con makoto y makoto tambien tiene lo suyo el es lindo,divertido,simpatico,un poco romantico bueno t soy cincera no es muy romantico q digamos pero a voz t gusta xq esw tan bonito…c parec al chico q me gusta o mejor dicho ma novio,nada mas q el mio es mas romantico sabe lo q me gusta, lo q no me gusta y yo c lo q le gusta,lo q no tambien y c la comida q le gusta como el pollo,bifes,costeletas y un monton d cosa mas encima el tiene 16años y yo tengo 13años para colmo es el hermano d mi amiga.ahh t decia q lo cuides bien makoto xq sekai t lo puede quitar asiq OJO con SEKAI y CON LAS DEMAS CHICAS XQ T LO VAN A QUITAR cuidalo mutio XQ X AHI AY GATITOS EN CELOS Q C LE TIRAN ENCIMA ASIQ OJO…CON LAS DEMAS CHICAS OJO MUCHO OJO T LO DIGO EN SERIO XQ YO X NO CUIDAR A MI EX ME LO ROBO UNA CHICA MUY CERCANA A MI Y A EL OSEA MI AMIGA NO T CONFIES MUCHO EN TUS AMIGAS EN SERIO NO T CONFIES EN ELLAS.
    Te SUPER QUIERO KONOHA sos la mejor t super vanco gorda…t quiero mutio,mutio,mutio en serio

  3. para mi que sekai no queria hacer daño a kotonoja ademas sekai estaba enamorada de makoto desde el principio por que era amable. asi que pienso que makoto deberia quedarse con sekai por que los amigos que siempre pelean se molestan terminan juntos ademas que ambos muestran su lado bueno uno al otro. gracias por leer mi comentario pasenla bieeeen!!!!!!OKAY???!!!!!!!!!!!!

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