Doujin Work Ep. 2

Najimi has started her doujinshi ways, for the sake of money. The bad thing is that she has never drawn anything good…not even in elementary school. Tsuyuri helps her by giving her some ‘reference’ to work with, so she takes her to buy an ero game! This is Najimi’s first time so she needed a breather before heading into the store…only to find out Tsuyuri ditched her and now she’s to embarrassed to go in herself. Luckily two girls walk in and Najimi follows them so as not to go in alone! Her destination is the basement…I wonder why. LOL! Her embarrassment is taking over her and thinks that everyone is looking at her weird, but she got over it once she realizes no one knows who she is. That is until Justice calls her by name!!

Having purchased the game, they go their separate ways. Najimi hold her package close and hopes no to run into any of her friends, and it happens, she runs into one of her friends. They go to a restaurant and when her friend tries to see what’s in the bag, she runs of leaving her friend with the tab!! She tries the game at her house, but thinks it’s too dangerous to do it in her room and decides to head of to Tsuyuri’s house. She’s stopped by a police officer and asks what’s in the bag, and again she runs of!! Speeding of and cutting corners she is blocked by two more policeman, only to find out nothing is in the bag.

Her friend she met in the restaurant is there to save her. While talking about it in the park, a guy she saw in the store hand her the game saying she dropped it in the corner. Her friend gave her a look, making her feel awkward and turn into stone!

She was trying so hard to hide it only to be exposed in the end!! I loved the last line she said “Mom, Dad, I might have to drink tonight!!” {Or something like that!}

Can you name any of them?

Wow, your friend’s cute~♥

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