Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Ep.1

I haven’t heard of this anime, but as I was browsing around looking for [a.f.k] projects, and I came upon it. It starts of with Nozomu Itoshiki, a pessimistic high school teacher, hanging himself. He was seen by a girl named Kafuka Fuura, though that’s not her real name, she’s a very optimistic and cheerful young girl. She was commenting on the beautiful Spring day and how Spring is the beginning of life…then she sees Nozomu hanging himself. She runs and saves him telling him not to kill himself. Nozomu implies that he wasn’t trying to kill himself, and Fuura [somehow] came to the conclusion that he was trying to get taller!! ^_^ She has seen her father trying to get taller plenty of times and on one occasion her mother too!!! o_o’

She starts talking about how it’s bad to kill yourself in from of the big cherry tree, which she named Pink Gabriel. Nozomu says you can’t name anything the way you want, unless you have money and that money will soon change the name of other things. {Mt. Fuji will become Mt. Shonen Magazine!! } LOL!! And Fuura gives him 50 yen to call him Pink Supervisor, he declines and leaves never to see her again. Fate, being the cruel bitch that she is, makes Fuura one of Nozomu’s students, and the battle of the optimistic and pessimistic begins!!!

The first episode was funny!! That dark humor in the beginning was the funniest part of the episode, but the rest was quite enjoyable too! A nice series to look forwards to.

I get a “Hidamari Sketch” feel from this anime, not in a cutesy way, but in animation {seem like it’s the same animation studio.} Also, it used some sound effects found in “Hidamari Sketch.”

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