Moetan Ep 1

I was confused with the beginning, so much that I had to make sure I was watching the correct video. I thought it was a completely different anime that I downloaded by accident. It did not look anything with ‘moe,’ but as it kept going, I heard the word ‘mahou.’ Probably that was the magic word that told my brain that it was Moetan! ^_^’

And here come Ink, {I was right!! Ink is voiced by Nanoha’s Tamura Yukari!!} What a cute little elementary school girl ne? Wrong!! Believe it or not, she’s in high school. In this episode we don’t know if she has a height ‘impairment’ or if she’s really REALLY smart. {We know she’s smart because she got the highest grade -again- in a test.} But we don’t know if she’s a child prodigy who made it to high school.

Quick and Dirty way to get thumbnails! ^_^

She has a love interest named Nao. In the morning she tried to go to school with him, but she was lost in her little world imagining a future with him, only to realize Nao-kun had already left while she was in her trance!! Ink chased after him but tripped, cute? you betcha!! ^_^

In school, she has two friends that like to mess with her because they like her ‘kawaii’ reactions. There’s also another student the same height as Ink, she seems to be jealous of Ink because other people treat her kindly. But that’s just me making up theories. And ofcourse, Nao is also in her class. He didn’t do well in his English test and was asked by the teacher to stay behind, to Ink’s disappointment {she wanted to walk home with him.}

Ink ran to a shrine and prayed for Nao and herself to go to a university together, all of a sudden a talking duck fell on her head. In her room, the duck told her she has to become a Magical Girl, I don’t know why yet. Ink decides to use her power to help Nao in his studies.

My Type of Duck!!

Bet I had the same face!

Haha, you’ll have to see the transformation sequence for yourself!! This is a cute and funny show! I’ll look forward to new episodes!

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