Doujin Work EP 1

I caught the first episode a while ago and I have to say, I LOVE IT!! The first 2 minutes of the anime had me laughing hard. The reason…a small girl (Tsuyuri was it?) was talking about why she’s so tired and sleepy, because she has been doing ‘perverted things’ the previous night.

The reaction of her friend Najimi was priceless, and of course the reaction of the rest of the people on the train added to the hilarity!! And it was gut busting funny when Tsuyuri asked Najimi to help her out next time…Najimi embarrassedly declined, only to accept after Tsuyuri offered 20000 Yen!!! LOL!!! 0_0 Being the perv that I am, I kept watching to see ‘the perverted’ things. To my {and Najimi’s} surprise/let down, Tsuyuri was doing Doujinshi. ^_^

That was great!!! I can’t believe I thought they were going to do what I thought they were going to do. I am ashamed…not really!

Tsuyuri wanted Najimi to help her sell her doujinshi at the convention. After Najimi learned how much she can make selling doujinshi, she decided to give it a try. After her great speech and introduction to the doujin world, she was asked (from the announcer in the loud speaker) to get down from the table before she hurts herself!!

This was just a 15 minute episode, no wonder it seems so short to me!! ^_^’ But this is an anime I will gladly watch and it will probably reach a spot in my favorites (and knock some other anime down). I read somewhere that the voice {Kimiko Koyama and Momoko Saito} were supposed to try to do a doujinshi at the end of the episode, and if they fail to do so, they must do something embarrassing in a costume apologizing to the fans for their failure. I didn’t see that in this episode, that would’ve been great to see!!!

I’m lazy, so I’ll use this type more often! ^_^

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