I’ve been learning Japanese for a while, and I decided to check how my progress was going. Of course I don’t know that much kanji yet, and I had the help of a dictionary.

This is the song “SECRET AMBITION” by: Mizuki Nana, it’s the OP for “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – StikerS.” Just like the title says, it’s a half-assed translation {which is an excuse to say that there are some errors ^_^’ }

{UPDATED: Wednesday, August 22, 2007.}
I changed the lyrics layout, corrected some spelling errors, and tried to make the English lyrics flow a bit better…

UPDATE: October 26, 2007 – Removed my translations, I just left the romaji and the flash player. I decided not to show my crappy job of a translation anymore!! ^_^ Maybe when I become more proficient, I might re-translate them!

UPDATE: June 25, 2008 – Added the translations to “Deciphered Melody“.

Secret Ambition

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