Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

The first episode has been subbed an released!

This episode showed the town of Hinamizawa 30 years after the “Atonement Chapter.” {That’s the last 5 episodes of season 1.} I wasn’t expecting anything exciting for the first episode, I didn’t want any hopes crushed. -_-‘

What we get is some theories about what happened to Hinamizawa and the return of Oishi-san and that detective from the “Time Wasting Chapter,” Mamoru Akasaka. They just go around town and talk about government conspiracy and aliens. We also get a few flashbacks…

+100 for showing a grown-up Rena!! ^_^
-5 for depressed-looking Rena…
+10 for showing a flashback of “psycho” Rika-chan!!!
+20 for showing a flashback of “kawaii” Rika-chan!! nipa~~!


I didn’t say much, because it wasn’t all that interesting.

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