Moe-tan Trailer

Well, the new anime season will be starting soon. And now we got a trailer for one series that I am excited about…Moetan!!


Wikipedia Entry:

“MOETAN (もえたん) is a series of English language study aid published by SansaiBooks in Japan. Targeted at otaku, it attempted to teach English words using examples drawn from computer games and anime.

In the reprint of first MOETAN book and the bath towel sold during Comic Market 69, MOETAN means ‘Methodology Of English, The Academic Necessity’. ”


It’s just a fifteen second preview, but at least you get to her speak. I dunno, but to me she sounded kinda like Takamachi Nanoha from “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha”. You can tell that I don’t need help with the English language, but I’m still going to watch this because of all the “Moe” there is. ^_^ I’m a sucker for cute things!!

This series will start airing in Japan July 8, 2007.

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